High Priestess Alexandra / scam

1 Egypt
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she is a HUGE scam!!! Do not purchase anything from her and save your money!!! She will ask you for two bullcrap spells one for 250 and 450! once she takes your money she will stop e-mailing you!!! My spell at 250 was supposed to show something within 8 weeks. its way passed the 8 weeks and she has ignored all my e-mails!!! Her website promises guaranteed results and to e-mail you back through the whole process which is a complete and utter LIE!!! She told me my man would come back to me in May and I had high hopes the whole month and he didn't even speak to me and it is June!!! After I contacted her to answer for her lies she hasn't responded!!! Also 3 times when I e-mailed her after something went wrong or to show lack of results she sent me the same automated message of "the spell keeps on its process and i must say a week is necessary to get the energy we want! A bit of patience we are on the way to achieve the spell". then I would freak out and then she would reply to me saying oh it was a mailbox error...She is a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE SCAMMER!!! stay away!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

Jun 2, 2015

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