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High Life Adventures / Unfair

1 Chicago, IL, United States Review updated:

Short Version- Tell everyone you know to avoid this place.

Long Version- My Story-

Not only is this Highlife Adventures a complete waste of money, even for extremely wealthy, busy people, it doesnt take much effort to meet people. I joined this horrible club while in my first manic episode. Anyone with severe bipolar disorder can understand that you are not in your proper mind, its almost like tripping on drugs and blacking out for any given amount of time, and most people wouldnt suspect a thing. Almost immediately after I joined this club, I was hospitalized for my condition. at least a week or two I was released from the hospital, and was more focused on getting better, and staying alive then trivial things like my finances. I honestly forgot I had joined this club, after numorous attempts once I learned of this thu my automatic debits on my statements, I tried repeatedly to get out of this . Its just over a year now, and Ive had my bank dispute the charges with them, I will try legal action, or whatever I can do to get out of my contract. It was $2000 for 2 years, billed monthly, with $20/mo "dues" I have never used their services at all and paid $1500 so far, for nothing but headaces, aggrivation, and the runaround. I even offered to have them keep my money, just let me out of the club early, They refused, they want all of their money of course. I find it sad that a company that supposedly has a list of wealthy, active, clientele mostly in their 30's will take advantage of a kid with a mental condition, 22 years old, making $12 an hour. but, Like any contractually based service, they will do everything to pressure you, reel you in, and give you the deal of the century. And younger people like myself are often stuck learning the hard way about places like these. Sure there are things called contracts, but there are also things called amendments, something these people are ignorant to perhaps due to greed, or they are desperate for your money.

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      10th of Sep, 2009
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    I completely agree with you and im sorry that things had to turn out this way. Thankfully i had a bad feeling about this company in Chicago as i went to my appointment just to obtain more info about them and prices, and the lady who talked to me started doing nothing but PRESSURING ME to sign the contract and become a member. As I said that i just wanted to see the prices and think about it, she became EXTREMELY RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL and made me feel very unconfortable. She had the worst attitude and was very disrespectful, i thanked her and walked out. It made me think how unprofessional people can be and how far they will go just to rip you off. Because of this simple experience and the sale associates HORRIBLE ATTITUDE AND DISRESPECT, I would NEVER recommend this place to anybody, it's very expensive and they definately have NO good intentions towards you.

  • Mo
      24th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes, way to be an adult and be accountable for your own actions. Maybe you ought to make sure you take your meds every day before you walk out the door. FYI any company that deals with contracts is going to uphold the terms of their contracts...that's the point about contracts and yes..they are legally binding, duh! anytime you don't like a contract that you sign, do you pull out the mentally ill card? If so, maybe you should be considered legally incompetent and therefore unable to make decisions for yourself and must give over power of attorney to someone a little more accountable. By the way, my final question...did they hold a gun to your head and force you to sign and strap you down and prevent you from getting up and leaving? Grow up!

  • Fo
      10th of Apr, 2010
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    I will try to be more respectful than the comments above, but that person has a point. I am sorry that you have a mental condition and as someone with two family members with bi-polar as well as a former member; I can honestly say you were in the wrong here. Part of the interview process asks about your health, and I am guessing that you did not disclose your mental condition to the interviewer or the fact that you were in the throes of an "episode". How is the fact that YOU as a legally aged adult signed a contract you could not afford their bad business practices? I was a member for a little over 2.5 years before moving and therefore needing to cancel my contract. I enjoyed my time in the club, and met some of my closest friends to this day - 6 years after joining. You also said you have never attended any events, since you are legally bound to fulfill your contractual obligations, maybe you should have TRIED an event, you might have even liked it. And by the way, amendments are not made to contracts, they are called clauses, and again not Highlife Adventures' fault if you didn't read/understand what you were signing. You are presumably an adult competent to sign such agreements, get over it and be responsible for your choices. Having a mental condition does not exempt you from your obligations, unless of course you are deemed incompetent by a court of law.

  • Sh
      6th of Feb, 2012
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    The people who are defending the club here are the club employees. I have no doubt. I was involved in the events and everyone was saying how badly the club is charging them. They charge $7 for a club even that is free to get in. Just to be a part of the group is $7. Well guess what, the $7 doesn't include the hefty $2000 yearly fee. Stay away from them. I am going to sue them because they did not hold their contractual agreement. At an event a boy told me that killing people is right. When I stood up to him, he told on me and they took his side and threw me out of the club. They didn't even hold up to their contractual agreement that in case of a conflict they will hold a dispute meeting. No. They stole my money and threw me out. Well I was smart enough to lose only $600 to them. I signed up for 6 months, not a year membership. Their managers were very ineffective. I am a better manager than them. They attended events like the rest of us, and they were getting paid for it.

    Stay away from the club. In any case there will be a lawsuit against them. They threatened my life. No company has the right to act that way and I will do everything in my power to stop them from hurting other people.

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