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Higgins Power Sports of Barre, Ma botched a snowmobil engine repair and would not honor their responsibility to repair the machine properly. They installed new pistons and rings in my sled and the new pistons failed on the very first ride! In my opinion (Ive been riding for 40 yrs)the failure was most likely due to the failure to properly clean out the carbs before re-installing them. Or bad fuel that they admitted to putting in the sled before re-starting it. They also could have botched it when they put it back together. The facts are this, they took my motor apart, installed a new top end, and the new top end failed immediately. Obviously, they did something wrong. They actually tried to claim that "snowdust" got sucked into the engine and caused the failure. In my forty yrs of riding, I have never ever heard of this happening. Because it dosnt happen. Its an excuse, nothing more. They said it happens when your riding behind other riders and their snow dust they kick up gets sucked into your motor. Funny, but I was not riding behind anybody for the one whole hour that the machine ran after the repair. It was just a way to get out of their responsibility. And not only would they not repair the botched job, then they actually had the gall to charge me $360 for "Diagnostic Work" so they could come up with their phony "snowdust" story. They said they would repair it again for "another $900". I couldnt laugh in their face hard enough. Then when I picked up the machine, it was in shambles. In my opinion, out of spite to me because I took them to court, they left it out in the weather, unprotected in their yard for 3 months with the engine in pieces, nothing covering the cracked open engine and parts strewn everywhere. I have never seen a worse shop as far as service. The owner of the business treated me terribly and was arrogant and a wise-###. In my opinion, if you are looking for a quality repair shop, do not look here. If your looking to get it stuck up your ### by a bunch of 20 something wise-###, this is your place. In my opinion, these guys dont know the first thing about customer service or how to run a quality business. In my opinion, all they want is your cash, then when its time to come up with a alibi so they dont have to guarrantee their work, well this is their area of expertise. This they are well versed at.


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