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I placed an order online and realized I didn't order the correct item. I immediately called and got voice mail. I left a voice mail requesting that my order be cancelled. I got a call back about 5 minutes later and right after I answered, he said was from HIDKITLIGHTS. I said I need to cancel my order please. He said what is your problem? Why are you being rude? I said excuse me? I haven't said anything, He said there you go again! And hung up on me. I emailed again, and then this morning, I received email confirmation that the order shipped. According to the website I can request a RMA through their chat. I asked for one and they said I had to email, I said I already did that, but no reply, and your website says I can request an RMA through chat. The chat was then closed and I have been blocked from contacting them. I used a different phone number and they answered. I requested an RMA and he said email me! and hung up. If it still shows up I am going to refuse it and then call my credit card company. This morning, I had received almost 20 spam emails to the email address I provided to them.

Jan 17, 2017

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