Hi-low floral dress and nail polish / Purchase transaction

1 GA, United States

I ordered their floral hi-low dress that was stated as IN STOCK & added a pink nail polish to fulfill their $50minimum for discount code application. Nail polish sent 2 weeks later and has not arrived on expected date provided by their shipping department as well as discovered the dress ordered was on back order until 3/28/2012; I rechecked after not receiving any notice of shipment only to discover the dress availability date was pushed back AGAIN to 4/9/2012. They also had issues with my Pay Pal payment that resolved itself a few days later. Emailed complaint for help and was not contacted after 24h as THEY promised. Lack of customer service, unreliable product availability and shipping. Since I have heard of the company for years, I am very disappointed and annoyed with my first AND LAST purchase from this horrid company. I'm currently trying to get a refund and will be spending my money on Forever 21 from here on out.

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