Hhgreg/credit carePayment never quoted at time of sale! The computer said, $34.00 per mo.

They sold me what they wanted me to have! I brought it all back and purchased another computer, I brought home supposed to already set up by them. I bought Micro-Soft the young man said, I couldn't get the one you chose on so I got another Microsoft product. He couldn't get it on for the computer was already virus full! I called hewitt pewitt about their awareness of who they give their name to as too sale their products, a name is hard to retrieve and bring back up in a failing economy! They sold me a story line with the first computer I purchased, I purchased a three year warranty contract-they told me I could bring it back there! It had some heavy pieces, I learned two days before the fourteenth day that it was not true, I had to sent it away, I'm on fix income, I could have never afford it! My lost, my mistake, for they don't care about the comsumer! I received my statement it was a charge for $99.00 dollars a month for twelve months on $1050.oo plus interest every month, give me a break, those who entered into twelve month pay off do not pay interest if paid up in twelve months, I was refused that option. They were told by me it was suppose to be $34.00 dollars per month they told me no way possible at the credit payment service the supervisor couldn't check into it and the only way I could change it was to have the store give me a call. I couldn't speak to no one of higher rank than her! I couldn't get the home office for I felt with hidden charges I should be able to speak to the president of the company for I am on fix income, and if I have to pay it off at $99.00 a month that I should be given the option of interest free! I want to hear from someone about this because not notifying the consumer of how much monthly she is debt to pay is poor consumer protection(you should want to take care of those who thought enough to enter your door way-not take advantage of them, and then talk to them any kind of way!). Your door should close as of tomorrow-for I am a senior-you don't do you seniors that's on fix income that way because they use the credit card of yours!

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