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H&H GREG / rude and poor service

1 United States

i bought a 61"tv from H&H GREG i went in for an ipod and the salesman wouldnt quit bothering me until he pushed this tv off on me, it just happens he talked me into applying for a H&H GREG card which i did and got approved he than really hammered me onto this tv telling me it was the rolls royce of tvs which it was a nice tv and i had planned to get a tv but not for awhile anyways so he was more than pursistant which got on my nerves alot but the decission was mine at the end but heres where it goes wrong he talked me into getting the extended warranty which i did and i paid to have it delivered, well i started having problems out of it a year later mabey a little before that the store told me i had to call jvc company well i ended up paying jvc 300 dollars for a part for this tv 8 months later the same thing happens at this point i am discusted because i paid over$4, 500.00 for this tv when i called H&H the first time they told me to call jvc and they told me the salesman that sold me the tv didnt work there anymore needless to say they were no help and they gave me the run around and put me off to jvc so they didnt have to deal with me, well the second time i went to the store where i bought it and they were no help they told me to call the 800# so i did and from the moment the lady picked up the call she had an attitude and was no help i gave her all the information i had, at this time i couldnt find my receipt i gave her the number that was on the account but she said there wsas no number that existed in there computer, i said well what about this credit card and she said it was no good to her then she asked for the model # and i gave it to her and she said that didnt exist and she kept going back to the phone number and the warranty like she didnt believe me the whole time she was getting ruder by the minute i said well what about my address you did deliver the tv by this time she kept getting smart and ruder questioning me saying without that information she couldnt help me and everytime i would try to talk she would interupt me with some smart comment so then i asked to speek to someone hire up the suprviser got on the phone and she was no better about 5 minutes later she said she found a gohst file saying that i bought that same model tv with all my information but it was a ghost file and she couldnt help me when i asked her why she got smart with me and hung up i had to call back and wait on hold before i was able to get her name, this made me so mad that i spent the rest of the day looking for my original receipt and i found it and it had my phone number on it the one she couldnt find and it had my extended warranty the one she said didnt exist i found everything i had told them on my reciept these are the [censored] that work for this so called company and her name is DI JOHNSON and iam going to put the taped conversation on youtube so you can see how they treat a customer who bought a $4, 500.00 tv from them


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