HFC/schectman halperin savagebeen paying each week and now they are puting lien on my condo

I took a loan 5 years ago from hfc and i had to evict a tenent because he wasn't paying any rent and i lost 6, 000. I paid what i could and i had other bills to pay also and the mortgage and main fees had to get paid before other bills and i tried to pay faithfully and sometimes i couldn't and only just last year i put my self on a payment plan, and started paying everyone a little something.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Pawtucket, RIHfc is getting 20 each week and their debt collector has been still calling me every week and then they sent me to court and they didn't show up and still to this today they are contacting me and now they are putting a lien on my condo. I went to court in feb and they didn't show up. They defaulted. The judge told me keep on paying 20 each week and if i can't afford than contact them. since last august 28, 2008 they have been getting 20 each week they were suppose to stop the interest in feb and they didn't and they added more. they are in violation of the courts and the judge. what should i do now?

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