Hewlett - Packard / Hp Pavilion A6750t / their service is above and beyond atrocious

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I purchased a brand new HP computer Feb 24, 2009. It is now April 28th and I still have not been able to use the computer. The computer came with a defect in the nvdia graphics card fan for which I have spent countless hours of wasted time trying to fix it for 2 months. I am connected always to India for tech support, not one of these people has fixed the problem appropriately. I am told there is no American number period. I must deal with whoever answers the phone. I requested that I please be able to bring the computer to the local authorized dealer, Best Buy, and I was told I would have to pay for that. They ordered me a replacement fan and than sent the wrong part for which I had to take MY personal time to return it. They than sent me another computer and told me the hard drives could be easily switched as I had installed expensive programs on the other one. Than they decided this could not be done and now after 2 months of misery it's OK for me to take it to Best Buy so it can be fixed properly. And they call this going above and beyond for customer service. Are they KIDDING!!! Now I have to take MY personal time again to take the computer into Best Buy, WAIT again for it to be fixed than go back and pick it up. THIS WAS A BRAND NEW COMPUTER. I should NEVER have had to go through any of this and YES you should be compensating me in some way which you ARE NOT. Never, ever buy from HP their service is above and beyond atrocious!!


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