Hesham Mohamed Abdel Fattah / issuing the millionaire certificate

1 Cairo, Egypt

Dear Sir,
I am sorry to inform you that this is not the same bank I dealt with
I bought the 33 Millionaire Certificate on 23 May 2017
It has been stipulated that it shall not exceed three months in order to be able to pass the certificate
Three Visa cards were made without asking me to do
And because I do not need them, they did not use them But I was surprised by the bank asking me to apply for the cancellation of the visa So that I can pass the certificates and that these procedures will take place within 30 working days Please note that this information is not disclosed at the time of purchase I spoke with the customer service that does not get me anything useful every time He said he would make a request Now I have a check that is worth the first of October and it is necessary to spend the amount during this week Please clear the certificates and it is enough that I inform you that I will stop dealing with you for lack of credibility
Wait reply ASAP

Sep 25, 2017

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