Hershey's / payment not received

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During the Candy War of 1992, Hershey's copied a promotion by their competitor and offered a ยข5 refund for each wrapper sent in with a minimum of 20 wrappers. The offer expired in October of 1992. They offered a premium of 4 candy bars if the wrappers were sent in prior to July 31st (if memory serves). I received neither my $1 nor my four candy bars. I've patiently waited for 25 years but even my patience has limits. According to my preliminary calculations, given the average rate of inflation, Hershey's now owes me approximately 12.56 candy bars (hershey's plain milk chocolate). I'd also be willing to accept 97.36 Hershey's kisses. I'd like to voice these concerns to Hershey's directly but I was confused by their website. If someone from Hershey's reads this and is intent on resolving the issue, I can be reached via email at [protected]

Sep 14, 2017

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