SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Bait and switch; refuse to honor sale

1 NM, United States

I received an e-mail from offering a "Private Sale 20% off Everything, Sitewide*"; I read the entire e-mail determined that the* slightly modified the sale terms: *Minimum order $99. Excludes Gets Certificates. No other conditions applied. I would also website that word formats for my son's car. I then put in the "Web Coupon Code JULY20" at the checkout. My order was rejected because:
"Coupon code july20 only applies to certain store items. Please note that some or all of the items
in your shopping basket do not qualify for this coupon offer."

Well, since my order was over $99 ($99.95), I thought that this was easy. I would just contact customer service and explain to them that they had a glitch. Nope! I was told that the 20% off, Everything, Sitewide only apply to certain items. Of course, this is nonsense because how could a customer interpret "Everything, Sitewide. The person with the company agreed with my interpretation of this common English-language reference also said they wouldn't process my order. "You see, that item is drop shipped ..." I explained that their choice of shipping was their choice. I was only a customer responding to "Everything, Sitewide".

This was a bait and switch. Plain and simple; outright fraudulent advertising.

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