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Heroes Casino / Heroes Casino believes that I was using an automated system to take advantage of their software

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On October 7, 2008, I registered at Heroes Casino through Online Blackjack Guide website. I made my first real cash deposit of $200 on October 18, 2008.

On November 15th, I requested a withdrawal of my $34, 724.79 balance. As part of Heroes' requirements for approval for withdrawals, I had to give Heroes photos of BOTH my current driver's license and passport. This delayed payment another week and a half as I had to renew my passport. On December 6th, I re-submitted my withdrawal request.

While waiting for Heroes and their "consultants" to finish examining my betting history, I continued to play. In total, I played nearly 9, 000 hands of blackjack in amassing a net balance of $38, 928.11 which included the cash rebates and net wins/losses from playing roulette and slots.

Heroes took from December 6th, date of my second withdrawal request, to January 9, 2009 to examine my betting history.

Heroes has led me and at least a couple of Heroes affiliates to believe that there would be no problems with my withdrawal, telling me that it “will be a nice weekend for you” (referring to the coming phone call of January 16th.)

On January 16th, I called Heroes after they didn't call me at the time agreed to. I had my brother, Dan, with me to help me in hearing on the phone. (I have a hearing impairment.) ... After about 20 minutes of talking, Joe Tamblyn asked me how much do I want to be paid. I was surprised that they didn't want to pay the full amount! So I said 80% and they countered with 10%!!! I was shocked!!! I looked at my brother who was listening and he asked me "what's it worth to you?" I agreed to 50% ($19, 464) just to get some money now and move on. They said they would have to "talk with the owner" about my offer and get back with me within the next week.

On January 23rd, a full week later after the phone call, I had not been contacted by Heroes regarding owner approval of the 50%. I emailed Joe and he said that they were waiting to hear from the owner! A whole week later and they STILL haven't hear from the owner??? I was LIVID and felt that this was yet another stall tactic! I decided to call the agreement off and demanded the FULL amount! Enough of this [censored]!

I said so to Joe the next day, January 24th and that whole weekend was a war of words between me and Joe and Sean. I guess they finally "talked" with the owner and they insisted on paying me only 50% but I felt this was too late, they should have already told me this during the week after our phone call. Joe kept on asking for my bank wire information but I wasn't going to agree to anything less than the full amount. To add insult to injury, they said the 50% was to be paid at $5, 000 a *month* instead of $5, 000 a week as stated on their website.

On Monday January 26th, I contacted Cyberluck, the licensing authority over Heroes Casino to complain. I've been waiting since then (press time March 2009)

Heroes Casino believes that I was using an automated system to take advantage of their software.

One of the things that Sean/Joe mentioned in the phone call was that "betting strategies is akin to card-counting!!" They didn't like players who use betting strategies!! Well, excuse me, if I am able to LOSE money using a Martingale betting strategy, then I should be able to WIN money with it too!! They literally told my brother that they only wanted "recreational players!"


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