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Hero Honda Services at Mahalaxmi / ill treatment to my hero honda karizma and non-satisfactory service

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i have recently given my 8th months old karizma for my 3rd service at fortpoint mahalaxmi service center ...They kept the bike for a day ... after receiving it i noticed there was a TAK-TAK sound coming from the engine when i used to change from 1st to 2nd gear at 5 0r more rpm brought this to the notice of the supervisor ...who took a round and said there was no such sound coming( usually they never hear problems)...then i sat with him for another around...he used to change gears under 3rpm there was no sound coming ...i told him let me drive, then as usual the sound came..after changing from 1st to 2nd over 5rmp ..he again took the Bike for servicing and solving the problem ...i came to collect the Bike again after i got a call that its ready...i talked to the supervisor weather the problem has been solved or not ...he told me the problem is solved but it's better if u collect the bike on day after tomorrow now, what does that mean, just then the mechanic came with my Bike, so i asked him too, he says the Bike's now fine..i asked him what was the problem ...he says " named some part of the engine, and said that it got jammed, so there was a vibrating sound coming"...then i again took a round with the supervisor ..he drove first ...he used the same trick ..changing gear under 3rpm...i told him let me drive once again i notice the TAK-TAK...he denies it ...then i make him hear the voice and convince him that the sound is coming ...then hes says" if u rave it hard the sound is bound to come"...that's when i gave him a firing that i am using this Bike for 8 months i know what, when and how it sounds ...then he took the Bike again i will b going it to collect tomorrow...

i know there is some big problem because the supervisor was telling the senior ..about my problem ..and how this could happen to a new bike...the the senior also took a round of the bike


I have been doing the round of the hero honda service station for 3 days ...i have wasted my time, money and energy for 3 days for no mistake of mine. My biggest mistake was too give my bike for servicing, usually your bike feel better and smoother when you give it for servicing but at hero honda your bike ..give you abnormal sounds, oil all over your bike, not cleaned at the mechanic test drive it etc...

i think its high time hero honda shoulfd improve its service, just selling bike does not finish their job, leaving consumers to their ill trained mechanics, we need to bring down hero honda reputation that when these people will understand ...

i am not the first person to experience such an ill treatment of my bike, i have seen and heard hundred of them .

i met with a guy who was also having a problem after SERVICE ( his kariama was not reaching 60 !!! after service)...he told me never to trust these people, he used to before give 500 to the supervisor and swap bad spare parts for new one's after bribing fellow guys check your parts and collect your bikes they are THIEVES...

The supervisors name was mahesh and mechanic amit...

thanks for reading


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