Heritage Volkswagen / fraud and cheating

United States
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I bought my car in January of 2001. It is a used car (VW Passat 2000), but because there was no previous owner, it was bought as a new car with a new car warranty.

Ten months later my car started jumping, when I stopped the car, and then the check engine light came on.

I took it to the Dealer where I bought it from, and they said it would take $700 to fix, because I needed a new MAF(Mass Airflow Sensor). I paid it, because I had no choice at that point.

Eight months after that, the check engine light came on again. This time I was extremely angry, I asked the mechanic why the engine light was on again. He said he would have to check the car and see, it could be one of several reasons.

This time the report was the hose had a crack in it, and the engine wasn't getting enough air. This time because I was angry, they escorted me to the back to see my car, and the fore mentioned crack. They even said they would replace all of the hoses at no additional cost, but that this was not uncommon.

Side note: I had taken the car in for it's 45, 000 mile check-up, three weeks prior, and no one said anything about a cracked hose.

That visit cost $300.

Low and behold, yesterday morning my check engine came on again (six months later). I don't know of anyone who has a car as new as mine with this amount of care associated with it. I believe they sold my a bad car. When I bought the car, it wasn't even written up yet, they had just got it in. They rushed to inspect it, and unload the piece of junk on me.

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