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Here Comes The Bride / Ruining wedding

1 Somers Point, NJ, United States Review updated:
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They measured the Bride incorectly, ordered a flower girl dress even though they were told not to, (was too early to order for a 6 year old girl), offered a discount for the bridesmaids, but when they went in theygot not no discount, scheduled an appt with the seamstress and after we drove 90 miles for the appt she told us the seamstress refused to come in( she had 3 cell phone numbers as well as house phone to call)owner treated the bride rudely as well as the brides family and bridal to be a BBB acredited buisness and when I called them when I started having problems I found out they are NOT. The person in the store that claims to be the owner is NOT the listed owner on record in the courthouse. When the bridemaids went in ( by them selves) she had the WRONG dress on record and ordered the WRONG dress in. When the bride found out she charged the BRIDE the price difference. After I fired her for too many mistakes she is refusing a refund ( all is paid in full) she stated that "I would be sorry" if I showed up to get my money back!!!

It's a shame I hear it was an excellant dress shop when it was run by it's listed owner.

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  • Dt
      22nd of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This place CLAIMS 21 years same owner.. IT IS A LIE!!! This place was SOLD in 2008 and is owned by a DONNA SABER, The original owner SOLD this store and has NOTHING to do with it. She also advertises that she is a BBB member, SHE IS NOT!!! I checked with them and she is NOT a member.
    to top all this off her prices are $50.00 to $300.00 more then other dress shops!!!

  • Mr
      26th of Dec, 2009
    -2 Votes

    My daughter had alreadyordered her dress from Here Comes the Bride, when we noticed this posting. Have to tell you it frightened us. This article is terrible. The owner is as responsible as she is kind, and and she knows how to listen. My daughter's dress came in with problems from the manufacturer. The owner of this shop, gave us no cause for worry. She sent the garment back to the manufacturer for the necessary corrections. Again the gown came back from the manufacturer, and again we noticed a problem. Again the owner sent the garment back, at no expense to us. Have to tell you, this posting had us in a state of distress. We finally opened up to the owner and let her know, we had read the comments posted by Dave on the internet. Donna immediately understood why we had seemed so upset while in the shop.
    If the writer of the posted complaint reads this comment let us remind him: There are 10 commandments, and one of them is "Thou shalt not bear false witness".
    Very pleased customer of Here Comes the Bride!

  • Ca
      30th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The women who measured for the bridesmaid dress did it incorrectly and therefore ordered the wrong size. She was also told that it was going to be too small, but still insisted on ordering the smaller size. After trying to get the money back, we still left completely dissatisfied. I would not recommend that anyone shop here. It is a shady, and ignorant business person who will not try to correct their own mistakes, takes only cash, and will not even try to make things right. The sad part is that the dress is so small it will not even zipper.

  • Do
      8th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Lesson learned the hard way; read reviews prior to going to a store. I would have saved so much abuse from the owner had I gone someplace else. Buying the dress was easy but getting the dress in on time along with Donna (the owner) attitude almost ruined the day. I have never been spoken to like the way she spoke to me and even on a phone conversation she hung up on me. This is the owner!!! She had my dress so I couldn't really fight back. The wedding was only a week away and I needed the dress. I don't understand why she is in this business as she is definitely not a happy person. Worse bridal salon experience; do yourself a favor and go someplace else.

  • Ay
      18th of Aug, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I believe that anyone interested int his store should read this article.
    Refusing to sell a dress to a woman just because she was gay just means that not only will she be sued for discrimination, but anyone who isn't heartless and bigot will refuse to have anything to do with her. How dare you tell a woman that she came from a nice jewish family and it was a shame she was gay! How dare you accuse her of stirring up drama because she refused to sit back and take your crap! How dare you!! I personally am ashamed to be a heterosexual thanks to the bile this woman spewed out on a bride, bile that she admits she said and is proud of! Disgusting, terrible and i pray everyday that you, Donna, get all that you deserve. A lawsuit and an out of business sign.

  • Ma
      19th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Here are the suppliers of "Here Comes The Bride" in Somers Point, NJ (NOTE: MY ISSUE IS WITH THIS STORE.)

    Unless of course, you think this behavior is ok...Let them know what you think.

    Donna Saber refused to sell Alix Genter a wedding dress because she is gay.

    People can believe what they wish.
    N.J. Law Against Discrimination includes discrimination by a business against an individual on the basis of sexual orientation.

    Alix Genter Highland Park, NJ--Bride to be
    Employee/owner/manager? -- Donna Saber Margate, NJ.
    Years in business -- 23
    Former Owner? Marcia Portnoy (age 73) -- Egg Harbor Township, NJ. (Is Marcia Portnoy active in the shop or is she retired? Sold to Donna Saber?)

    "Here Comes The Bride"
    272 New Rd
    Somers Point, NJ 08244
    Phone: 609-926-0699
    Open Mon-Tue 10am-8pm; Wed-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 10:30am-4pm

  • Ma
      22nd of Aug, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Oh god! Sweet Jesus! Buying a dress at this shop was a right horror! A nightmare. I don't know what bad experiences ya'll have had with this shop, but I wished I'd looked at reviews earlier.

    First they tried to convince me not to go in all white, because they said it made my teeth look yellow. They tried to fit me into dresses with colors they called cream, pearl, off white, vanilla, if I didn't know better I'd swear there was something fishy about their suggestions. (And frankly, one of the ladies in the shop looked suspiciously like Carson Kressley, or maybe it's entirely his fault for looking like an old lady)

    Anyway, where was I? Than that same lady who looks like Carson offered to get something for me in a 'gayer' color, like lilac. Why I never. Everyone knows lilac makes your teeth look as yellow as a horse's. Thank the lord they only had size 24 in those lilac dresses!

    The another shop lady, a younger one, brought something in lime green. Lime green! I ask you! Do I want to look like someone has thrown up on me before the reception has even started??? Hell to the NO!

    Finally, just when I was about to settle for something in baby pink, they had the gal to talk me out of it. IT WAS THE ONLY DRESS IN THE SHOP THAT EVEN FIT! And those two horse-faced trollops had the gal to tell me to my face that it would be disappointing for my husband to take off the dress and find my nipples and you-know-what darker in color than the pink of the dress!

    I ASK YOU! Avoid this shop! I didn't know why they have mirrors on the floor of their dressing rooms before I went in, but now I do. I wouldn't put it past them to have filmed me there.

    I found a much better dress on Etsy.

  • Ja
      13th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    I just recently had the WORST experience at this store & it was with the owner Donna. When I was fitted for my bridesmaid dress I was 4 months pregnant. I told Donna that I am usually a size 8-12 in gowns, depending on the make & that I was due to have my baby 8 weeks prior to the wedding & that I would need a bigger gown, a size 16 or 18. When I got the gown from my friend it was about 4 weeks prior to the wedding. When I tried it on it would not even come close to zipping. I looked at the size & it was a 14. I called immediately & spoke with Donna. I asked her what size dress she ordered me & she looked at the paperwork which said a large. I asked "what does a large mean? Are we ordering tee shirts?" I asked for a new dress & was told by Donna without even taking a breath it was too late to order a new dress & that they would fix it by removing the zipper & adding a corset. Well the bride did not want that or that is the type of dress she would have picked out. I told her they ordered me the wrong size. Long story short she told me about recent girls who have come in after having a baby that fit fine in their dresses because they run & exercise. I was appalled. I eventually had to take the dress to a tailor & was charged $120 on top of paying $175 for the dress. The fabric alone costed me $50 to add to the dress. I spoke with Donna several times & she told me I paid too much for alterations & that I told her to order me a size 14. She wouldn't even say "I am sorry" or anything. She put all of the blame on me. This woman is ignorant & I would NEVER EVER refer her to anyone. DO NOT go to her store

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