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I received a call on several occasions, but was always too busy to actually listen to what the caller had to say. This particular day, 12/29/09, I listened. The caller was telling me about all natural herbs that are proven to help me loose weight. It's 100% satisfaction guaranteed, but the guarantee is not important because I would not need it. I would be so pleased with the results, I would not call for a refund. I asked what would happen if I did call. I was told that I would be sent an envelope to return the unused portion of the bottle, no questions asked and receive a certified check via UPS. Well, with that guarantee, I agreed to try these all natural herbs that I could use whether I was pregnant or nursing (I am nursing). The stipulation was that I could not snack 30 minutes before bedtime, I had to take one capsule every morning with water and no big meal at least 1 hour before bedtime. I was told that I would definitely loose 4 pounds the 1st 2 weeks. David said he would be my personal contact and would be checking in and making sure I was totally happy. If I had any questions, I should call [protected] and ask for him. If I get a machine, just leave a message and he will call me back. I called when I received the bottle because the bottle said you should check with your physician if you're nursing or pregnant. I did not get a call back. I took the pills anyway trusting that it was safe based on what he said and the ingredients that I read. Well, two weeks later and not a pound lighter, I called every day for a week and no one every called me back. At this point, my messages are asking for anyone to call me if David is not available. No one called. The 30 day money back guarantee is a scam. It takes two weeks to see results according to what they tell their victims and then no one calls you back and it's always a machine, so there is no way to contact anyone about a refund. David told me that I was getting a $40 discount on a 3 month supply. I guess to make it sound even more convincing, the other stipulation was that I share their number (that goes to no where) with all my friends and family members that are going to ask how I lost so much weight. Horrible scam, please hang up on them when they call you!

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  • He
      20th of Feb, 2010

    I wish I had seen your post earlier. I just received this same call today. Unfortunately, I just purchased a 6 month supply. I hesitated on making this purchase because I do not believe many of these sales pitches and products work as advertised. In the end, I was able to get a price I considered reasonable and decided to try the product. Based on the ingredients, if I not loose weight, I will find other benefits. I asked David about each of the ingredients and the weight aid, Hoodia, is in the product but in a very small quantity. So based on your post, he was truthful with this acknowledgement. I am sure if someone calls saying the are interested in purchasing the product, David will call them back. You might give this a try to see if it works. Did you take all of the product? Did you have any side effects when taking the product? Did it negatively impact your baby, since you were nursing? I hope you do not give up and stop trying to get satisfaction on your purchase. You might consider reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Commerce and the Attorney General in your area. Thanks for the post and good luck. I hope you will post your responses to the questions I posed above.

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  • Ba
      1st of Mar, 2010

    I also was contacted by David Burgman. I told him I was on a small fixed income and needed to do something about my weight, but couldn't afford to. He lowered the price, offered the guarentee and the full refund policey.This was 0n Feb. 8th, 2010, the money was taken from my bank account in about 2 minutes, I still haven't received the pills. And you are right when you say no one calls you back and he promised to be there with me as my personal coach, what a scam.I have tried your suggestion, saying that I was interested in placing a order, Still no one has called back.This man needs to be stopped. I knew better than to ever order anything over the phone, but he seemed so reasuring. I live on $700.00 a month social security, and this was money I couldn't afford to through away. I will contact every office I can to report these people. This really hurts the honest people out there with other great products.

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