Henry EnnsBad Faith Financial Dealings

An Open Message From our Congregation to Henry Enns and Resource One Financial Group, LLC

Mr. Henry Enns, Grace Enns, Nicole Enns and the Entire Enns Family:

Our 110 year old charity and church, came to you and your firm, Resource One Financial Group, LLC, seeking assistance with fund raising, as well as seeking professional advice and counsel. As you are well aware, our church serves both the disabled and senior communities of Norwalk California and surrounding areas. We provide a place of worship for three separate ministries, a meeting place for over 20 years for Alcoholic's Anonymous, Christian community gardens, food banks, counseling and spiritual guidance for those facing troubled times in their lives.

This Board of Directors trusted you, Henry Enns personally and your firm Resource One Financial Group, LLC, to guide and assist us with our new mission to assist US Veteran's who are in great need of home health care or nursing home care. Our charity advanced $30, 000.00 to you, Henry Enns, and your firm, to launch this veteran's outreach project. Instead of using our funds to launch our project to assist US Veterans, you Henry Enns, along with your spouse, Grace Enns and your son Duane Enns and your daughter in law, Nicole Enns, mostly utilized our funds instead to fund your OWN new business venture with Prepaid Legal Services and The Worksite Group.

Our Christian charity again comes in our Christian faith to your family, and your business associates, and extend one final opportunity to make the correct and Christian decision in this situation.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Roseville, CAClearly, that would only be a decision to return all of our funds by July 8, 2009, and as now agreed upon in writing by your firm, Resource One Financial Group, LLC. This congregation, our Board of Directors, and many other trusting Christian people that have been greatly disappointed and harmed by the actions to date of yourself, your family and your other business associates; all pray that you will demonstrate to all involved that Henry Enns, Grace Enns, Duane Enns, Nicole Enns, Resource One Financial Group, LLC, Prepaid Legal Services and The Worksite Group; are in fact the Christians that you all profess to be. This would be demonstrated to all through your repayment of the funds that you have taken from this charity.
Tomorrow, Sunday, June 28, 2009, this ministry will pray for each of you and ask that GOD provide you with the spiritual guidance needed, in order that each of you, Henry Enns, Grace Enns, Duane Enns, Nicole Enns, Resource One Financial Group, LLC, Prepaid Legal Services and The Worksite Group, will all work together in order to come forward and return this church's funds by July 8, 2009 as now agreed upon. May God be with each of you and provide each of you with the wisdom and spiritual guidance to act according to the Christian teachings of Christ in dealing with this troubling matter.
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