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Сhem-Tech International / Rip off!

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I went to this popular bistro in downtown Sheboygan and heard the most awful story about a company in Random Lake who not only refuses to pay a computer tech for his time. They hired this guy to add a computer to their network and miscellaneous items. He arrives at Chem Tech International in Random Lake and the computer had an operating system that could not even be added to the network (Vista Home). He reformatted and reinstalled windows XP on a different computer that was giving the company problems. He went to add it to the domain on the server and realized they did not have a documented password that worked.

The guy could only back up information that was viewable through shared folders. He backed up everything that he had permissions to view. The company then purchased a program that resets passwords on server and instead of resetting the password it corrupted Server 2003 operating system and started rebooting over and over. Not the computer techs fault. The company authorized this guy to reformat and reinstall the server.

He spent almost 2 full days at this company, reinstalled software, mapped printers and shared drives on the server. Their accounting software was restored but they lost 2 months of accounts receivable/payables that they had hard copies printed and just needed to re enter, they showed the computer tech the folder and it only looked like 25 pages of receivables/payables they needed to re enter.

The company then brought in a different computer tech and he suggested scrapping a lot of the work performed and completely redid the server. Everything was working fine. About a year ago the company spent almost $18,000 on a server deployment that should have only cost $5,000. They were charged for a server class machine and instead received one basic workstation with one hard drive. The computer tech informed them they probably had a good case for fraud and he set everything up simpler on their network so they wouldn’t always be calling for help. They only had 6 computers on the network.

After he invoiced them they became angry and accused him of causing all the mess and to top everything off they refused to pay him. I listened to this guy for 45 minutes and became upset that Chem Tech could refuse to pay someone that was trying to help them out.

Their website is
Chem-Tech International
400 Ternes Drive
Random Lake, WI 53075
P: 920.994.2299
F: 920.994.4399

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  • Jo
      4th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have heard they rack up huge bills with vendors and then cry broke and give them small monthly payments.

  • Fr
      5th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Dude, sorry to hear about the scenario. One major flaw though. Formatting the System partition on a SERVER is a major IT no no. That sounds like a rash decision, as there are many other forms to backup data even if the OS is corrupt. Live boot cd's from linux and windows can be used to backup data, as well as pulling the hard drive and putting it in a workstation as a backup drive. Then copy off all important data. Then when you know the files are safe on a second location format the server. In the end it sounds like his own lack off effort caused the majority of issues here.


  • Jo
      5th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    John Aber and John Eggers!?!?!?!? Sounds like the same person to me. Maybe you need to be more creative.

  • Jo
      9th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I was told the Data partition was backed up and formatting the system partition was the quickest way to restore server.

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