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Unauthorized charges of $29.95 to have appeared on my credit card bills. I went to that website and was redirected to, which announces that they provide support for five pornography sites (for example,, A threatening announcement states that if you dispute their charges, your name will be placed in an internet fraud database, and your credit will be ruined.

My credit card company helped me contact this company, where an agent did remove one of the charges but referred me to an email address to get the other charges removed. According to the complaint posted here on 9/30/08 by Authur E. Nichols, Jr., this is a bogus email address.

This company had not only my credit card number but my husband's name! They were not able to trace the original order to my computer however: neither the IP number nor the state of origin matched mine. But because they somehow had both our number and name, we were forced to cancel our credit card account and open a different one.

Somehow this company is getting people's credit card numbers and signing them up for internet porn. I think their scam is based on the fact that only one charge can be refunded by calling them, and for the rest you have to email the bogus address. Many people won't bother to follow through to recover this relatively small amount, and others will be discouraged from disputing the charges because of the threats on the website. If these crooks steal enough credit card numbers and fraudulently charge enough cards, even a small charge on each one would add up to huge profits for them. The credit card companies should revoke this company's account privileges!

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  8th of Oct, 2008
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Lorenz, Brenna
Calder Square Box 11119
United States
Phone: 1-671-789-5255

281840011435383?MCC=5967 111900659DA01
requesting refund for unauthorized charges

Conformation code 110180817388

  9th of Oct, 2008
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hı ı want5 to know why you cut my money whıch site ı have .MY creditcard no 5549605607158014 pls tell me because ı want to cancel my membership thanks please help me

  11th of Oct, 2008
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hi i have card purchase from cyprus can you tell what this is for as i have no idear what this is for and i would like this cancelled this many thanks.

  18th of Oct, 2008
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On Oct 16 of 2008, My master card was charged 29.95$. I called the phone number which appeared on my back statement (267-417-0320) the person their that answered my call was unable to find the transaction and was very rude to be in customer service. He adventually gave me this website and told me I could file a claim. The information I gave him was the amount 29.95$, the day the transaction took place- Oct 16, 08, and my credit card number 5537055659800184, and my name Jeffrey W Spencer. The only time I have given my credit card number online was supposed to not be charged but, was for age verification only! Please help me recover the unauthorized use of my credit card.

Thank You,
Jeffrey W Spencer

  22nd of Oct, 2008
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don't know
don't know
United States
Phone: don't know

Helptune have taken money out of my credit card account with out my permission I have never been in contact with them or known of them before this happened .

  30th of Oct, 2008
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I just received my bank statement and found a charge from I have never done business with them and don't know what they do. How can a company charge someone $35.65 with out a "contract between two party's?"

P.S. How do I obtain a refund?

  22nd of Feb, 2013
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Hello jill,

I want to talk with you about this matter. Can you please contact with me via

Thank you

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