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I'm 13 years old, recently i wanted to earn some money and be independant. I tried many ways to earn money safely at my age. I then stumbled upon they claimed you would earn money from articles that you wrote. I registered to the website and read the how to earn money on helium section of the website. I thought i understood what they were saying and it seemed like you got payed for each article depending on your writing stars. I started writing articles non stop for about 3 days, I managed to write around 15, 12 word poems and another 13 400 word Articles. I made sure i didnt plagarise and worked very hard. I noticed that the payments i thought i'd recieve wasnt showing on the earnings and payments page. I emailed the help centre and asked why it wasnt showing. They then told me about their 'upfront payments' They made a theory that the first 5 articles written on a certain title where the only ones paid, Apparently articles recieved more revenue. I thought this wasnt fair because people will then rush the articles and then the articles will be poorer quality. They also mentioned that creative writing articles were not paid. Furthermore, If you arent happy with the company and want to delete the articles you then cant. I think that the company knew people would want to withdraw their articles once they realised that the payments were not worth the work, By making it impossible to delete the articles that the writers wrote they are still going to earn revenue from them but the writers will get paid about a pence/cent while they get paid more. I'm not sure why creative writing articles (ie. poems) should not get paid, its obvious the company know that poems are easier to write, so people can make more poems which could earn them revenue, more poems means them having to pay the writers more. Moreover, I realised that some of my articles were one of the first five to be written on a title and they were not credited! I tried emailing the company but they just said i should read the Help section.

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      Jul 18, 2012

    Hi AdeK76. If you still check here, I'd like to clarify some of the issues you had.

    To begin, the Assignment system is explained in greater detail here:

    In regards to claiming articles from the Assignment system, payments are made on a competitive basis. What that means is, if you claim a paid article, there is no guarantee you'll get the pay. You must "win" the article, by being the highest ranked. If, after the assignment time expires and the articles go into rating, you have the highest ranked article, you get the credit for the pay. Once you accrue the minimum balance ($25), you can then request payment.

    As for the inability to delete articles, this is spelled out in the Terms of Service ( that all new users must agree to before signing up for the site. In the TOS, it states:

    "Helium retains the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to post or remove any material submitted or posted on the Site for any reason, including if we believe it is in violation of this Agreement."

    If we start to take work down for some writers, but not others, it will cause a lot of issues. We believe the best option is to adhere to the Terms of Service.

    As for creative writing titles not being paid, while creative writing titles in the assignment system are not assigned incentive pay, there are creative writing contests located at that pay $20 to the winner, $10 to the runner-up and $5 to the third-place runner-up.

    Additionally, please keep in mind that there is a rating period for paid articles. Writing and submitting an article will not show immediate payment.

    Feel free to contact [protected] and tell them Mark M. sent you. I can make sure you get a straight answer.

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