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Helio/Ocean / Fraud and zero customer service

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To whom it may concern,
I am completely frustrated with Helio and my current situation with them. I am even more disturbed by what I am reading on different blogs and consumer sites on the internet. There has got to be some way we can all get together and do something to Helio. How in this modern age can a phone company screw so many people and continue to run a business?
I signed up with Helio in June 08 and was frauded out of $393.69 immediately. $150 of that was for a prepay account which would allow me to "not be tied in to any contract with them" and be applied to my account immediately. NEVER HAPPENED. Another $100 was for a rebate that "I knew sounded fishy at the time" the sales rep said they would send in for me so that I didn't have to worry about it. NEVER HAPPENED. The rest was for a phone that never worked properly from day one. When I got back from vacation almost two weeks later I went to the store that I purchased the phone from and they were gone, closed, out of business! I then called customer service. They told me that they would have to send me a new phone, would take 5-7 days. I said that was unacceptable. I already went about two weeks without a phone that worked I wasn't about to go another week. I asked them if I could go to another retailer where they sold Helio and trade it in for a new phone that worked. They told me repeatedly that they were not set up that way and couldn't do that for me. I told them that was unacceptable that any other phone company I had with insurance would give me a loaner phone immediately until they fixed or replaced my old phone. Two hours later of phone conversations and threatening to leave the phone company and service and going down the street to get another plan and service I was talked into staying with them with a $300 credit to my account. Worst mistake I made since signing on with them to begin with. Still no $300 credit, still no $100 rebate, still no $150 pre pay credit to my account, and still no phone that works. I told them to go screw themselves and signed a plan with another company, but I am still receiving bills from them saying I owe them over $275 plus there saying I owe them another $175 for early termination when technically they owe me money. I spoke with another supervisor there who said the supervisor who promised me the $300 credit was terminated. She spoke with her supervisor while I was on the phone and they said they would honor the credit to my account and place my balance owed to them to zero. She lied it never went through. At this point I don't even want their money I just want them to wipe my account out of their system. I have documented everything. I even have the business card of the sales rep that scammed me out of my deposit and rebate. No one is returning my calls at corporate. The lady that promised me the credit to my account still works there but avoids my calls. She is always on another line or out to lunch. The employees there all say that even though they're a phone company they don't have the ability to transfer me to her phone and that no one has voice mail???????? Yeah right.
I have challenged the original charge with my bank and they are going after Helio, but what do I do to keep them from damaging my credit??? Do I take them to small claims and debate the charges??? Can we "little people" get together somehow and go after these [censored] ###s running this business. Does Sky Dayton, "if that's even his name" who runs the company have any idea what his employees are doing?
Please help me!

Frustrated Michelle

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  • Ma
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    Helio/Ocean - helio purchased with my stolen card number
    United States

    Someone stole my debit card number and purchased a helio ocean under a false name, the ironic part is that the phone had my correct address, so it was sent to my home and it was discovered by my relatives. i didnt think anything about the phone, until i went to the bank and tried to cash my check, it was then that i was told that my account was 600 dollars in the negative, and it turned out that the cause of my overdraft was the damn helio phone that was discovered by my sister the day before. i called helio's fraud line more times then i can remember and i get no call backs. The fees on my account are rising weekly, and i'm getting no help or information on what to do. i hate helio, and i never even made any contract with them, their customer service is terrible.

  • Ih
      18th of May, 2009
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    I've been screwed for 2 years by Helio, now Virgin Mobile, just waiting for my contract to expire so I can go to another company. I would love to get a class action law suit going against these idiots. They supply phones at high prices to people that do not work. They do not credit phone returns and charge your account for the price of a new phone when you have honored your obligation in a punctual, timely manner by promptly returning their defective garbage back to them. They constantly lie to you when you talk to them to get credit. Luckily, I finally got my account credited back for nearly $400 when they had received the "lemon" Ocean phone within 5 days after I reported it defective. Unfortunately, it took over 6 phone calls by me to customer service and a multitute of lies on their part to get the money credited back to my account. They do pre-bill each month for the next 30 days and not the prior 30 days. My 2 year contract expires June 17th and I'm now arguing with them to adjust my upcoming May 20th bill to reflect a 2 day discount for the period May 20 through June 17 insead of May 19. Now they are telling me that I need to pay the bill dated May 20 and that my final bill will be June 20. The June 20th bill will be for a period of service, June 20 through July 19, for which I will have no service as I will be disconnecting with them on June 17, the day my contract expires. I find it hard to believe they are STUPID as they appear to be. I think they are just a bunch of crooks. They should be sued for stealing peoples money and not complying with their side of the phone service contract.

    If I continue to have problems getting my account closed out, effective June 17th and they try to charge me for service through July 19th after I've cancelled my contract I plan on contacting the Attorney General's Office in my state and in the state they are registered as doing business. Additionally, I will file a complant with the Federal Trade Commission and whatever federal agency is over wireless phone service providers.

    As for protecting your credit, I'd contact all 3 credit reporting agencies and let them know you are disputing the charges, which legally, I don't think they can report while being disputed. I'd send them copies of complaints to the Attorney General's Office and any finding/results from those complaints. If the bank can get your money back, I'd send the credit reporting agencies a copy of that documentation too. That should help verify the charges are erroneous. I'm no lawyer, but I think while charges are in dispute, until litigated, they can't harm your credit. However, we are talking about idiots and common criminals here - so who knows what they may be stupid enough to try to pull on you.

    It is a shame that current laws aren't more protective of consumer rights in dealing with cell phone carriers. I think they all do pretty much what they want and hide behind the early termination fee to force you to stay with them. You would think they would have to bill you properly, provide customer service, tell the truth when dealing with you, and provide you with equipment that works - else, they would be breaking the contract and there would be no "early termination fee".

    Good luck and if you decide to gather a group for a class action suit against them, count me in as a wronged party willing to contribute my two cents worth!!!

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