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Heidi's Mobile / Pet Grooming / Unnecessary roughness!

1 18912 Hideaway DrYorba Linda, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 714-777-5656

My original groomer was on vacation so I searched the internet for someone to come to my home to groom my two 20 lb. rescue dogs. I found this site and spoke with the actual owner/groomer. I told him that my priority was that there can not be any trauma in any form during the grooming or I would still pay him if we had to cut the session short. My dogs are well behaved for our usual groomer and I have watched the whole process before. He assured me that he used the "dog whisperer's" method and that there would be no trauma.He took my dog out to his van, turned on a talk radio channel very loud and proceeded to clip my dog before bathing. Not my usual groomer's method but found out why later. I went out front where the van was parked and watered my plants and got my mail.

During that time, I heard my dog "yip and yelp" more than I could take. Was this his "NO TRAUMA method???" As I walked toward the van, I could hear the bath water being drained and saw the van jerk around . I knocked loudly on the door.. no answer. I then tried to open the side door and it was locked. NOT GOOD! I then banged as hard as I could with both fists and it then took him 8 seconds to open the door.

There was my 20 lb. good natured dog with a huge gouged metal chain around her neck, panting unusually hard, and shaking like I have NEVER seen her do before. I told him he was done, grabbed my dog who had just been washed with cold water for she was freezing. I had then called 10 other mobile groomers who assured me that they always used warm water, never used a metal chain if any restraint, never locked the door (most never closed it), and was horrified at my story.
Do NOT trust this guy with your animals for he was jerking my poor girl around on that chain when he wanted to be in control. It has been 3 months and she is still having horrible dreams.

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  • Am
      10th of Sep, 2008
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    I am a breeder and retired trainer; I have used Heidi’s many times and have had an entirely different experience. I find this complaint rather interesting, didn’t like him listening to talk radio? Wow. I have watched him groom my shih-Tzu’s and he does a great job. Not using some sort of restraint while grooming a dog is dangerous and I don’t know any responsible professional groomer who would do so especially with the door open. If the dog jumped off the table it could be seriously injured. Even worse if it got out and ran into the street it could get killed. I also know he does use warm water as I have felt it myself. He closes the door but will leave it open if you ask him to. It is not uncommon for a dog to yap while grooming. Doing the nails or pulling the hair out of the ears are things they don’t like. Dogs pick up on our emotions and react accordingly. If we are upset “which she clearly was” the dog will be upset as well. In regards to the dog having nightmares, I don’t see how you can tell what the dog is dreaming. I do suspect the dog is upset because of the owners emotions. Dogs will go on if we let them. We put human psychology on a dog which does not work. Read some books on training or watch the dog whisperer and you will see in most cases problem dogs are caused by owners not understanding their dogs. I trust him with my dogs and highly recommend him. If you have any doubts ask to watch and have him explain what he is doing and why.

  • Na
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    I am a mobile dog groomer in NC. I would never leave the doors to the van open. The possibility of the dog getting loose and getting hit by a car while the dog is in your care makes leaving the doors open a big no no. As for the doors being locked...this is an office. Some customers think they can pop in anytime/multiple times without knocking. This disturbs the grooming process as (usually) the dog gets very excited to see the owner. Imagine scissoring your child's bangs. Just as you begin to cut, his best friend walks into the house and your child whips his head around, bounces up and down in his seat, and barks a greeting to his friend. Also, the groomer will have to spend precious time calming down the dog in order to safely proceed.

  • Br
      30th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am the owner who went out and did this dog, I found this complaint recently and must say I was surprised when I found it. It is not my desire to discredit her but I think there are a few errors in her story. She had called me and said she had taken her dog to several groomers and was unable to find one who wouldn’t traumatize her dog. She didn’t say anything about her groomer being on vacation. In my experience I have found that most dog problems are not the cause of the dog, but the owners misunderstanding of the way a dog thinks. It would not be very polite to say that the owner is the problem so I usually suggest they watch the dog whisperer to get some basic idea of what may be the source of the problem. This is what I suggested to her, I did not state I use his methods. I have used his methods when appropriate, but there are other methods as well depending on the situation and the dog. In my 17 years of grooming, I have read several books on dog training and dog psychology and his is just one of the many methods I use. I got the dog from her and went to the van, I don’t remember if I told her but I usually do tell people I work with the door closed if they aren’t going to stay there and that they are welcome to come and check anytime they want. The dog did cry twice when I was doing its nails, TWICE. I always cut the dogs hair first then bathe it and cut the hair again. This gives it a much more even cut. As for the radio it was a $20 handheld radio from radio shack and the volume does not go up very loud. I washed the dog (with warm water) and proceeded to dry it. The dryer is loud so I wear ear buds and put cotton in the dog’s ears. If she knocked I wouldn’t hear it. It was not as she stated while bathing the dog but while drying it that she knocked. The door was locked because I have a space heater on the floor to keep it warm in the van while drying the dog. One time someone opened the door and the heater fell out so now I lock it while drying for safety reasons. The dog was doing fine until she pounded on the door. By the way, it had been a good 15 minutes since doing the dogs nails, which is when he cried. So I don’t understand why, if that was her problem why it took that long to knock on the door. Naturally I had to move the heater and turn it off before opening the door. She said that it was good enough. I used a drying conditioner on the dog and didn’t want to leave it on the dog wet so I quickly rinsed it off, by that time the water in the heater was not as warm as usual. She wrote the check and never said a word about anything. I regret she had such a bad experience but the dog was fine through the whole process. Until the dog sensed her owners emotions. It helps if people understand their dogs, there not humans and don’t think like us. Evolution has put a survival mechanism in them which causes them to react differently than us. They need a strong leader, this does not mean being mean to them, it means feeling confident and in charge. In the wild a weak leader would threaten the packs survival and in a human household a weak leader can cause a nervous dog. It has more to do with what we are thinking though, to feel sorry for a dog and be what the dog considers weak is no help to them. To be confident and think you are in charge is usually all it takes to make a dog feel comfortable in your family’s pack. In regards to the chain, I bought it at petco and use it when the dog is wet. Otherwise the grooming noose would be wet for the next dog I do. Also it was not necessary for me to jerk the dog around on the chain and I don’t do that anyways. If a dog doesn’t understand what you want, jerking a chain doesn’t help and only confuses the dog. For those of you who read this and have a problem dog, hire a dog trainer. It is very sad to me to see dogs that are living an unbalanced life because we humans don’t understand them. 98% of dogs can live a happy balanced life if only given the chance. We will spend money on them when they are sick but when it comes to their emotional needs it seems to be a different story.

  • Al
      22nd of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have been a customer of theirs and am very happy with their service. He is the only one who has ever been able to groom my dog without sedating or even muzzling him.

  • Al
      23rd of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I would also like to add that i think it is sad that someone would be so upset they would want to put someone out of business which is what it appears the original poster of this complaint wants to do. Even if what she said was true, everyone has bad days and there is really nothing in her complaint to warrant such anger. he didn't hit the dog or yell at it or abuse it in anyway according to what she says. I wonder if her groomer is still on "vacation". sounds more like if she did have a regular groomer they probably told her they couldnt do her dogs because they didnt want her as a customer.

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