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I wish I found this page before making a purchase, I love supporting US based small business, hence my decision to purchase a Custom Wig from Heavenly Tresses based in FL . The pictures on their website look like the real deal, unfortunately what you get in the mail is completely different . You don't get human hair as falsely advertised, you get a synthetic wig that tangles and cuts your fingers as you try to run your fingers through the hair . I want a refund of my hard earned money . I don't sit at home scamming others . I work hard for every penny and it just hurts that people hid behind websites to rip off others . When I asked for a refund, I was told all sales are final . I was even willing to work with the company by getting some extensions in exchange for the wig due to their stupid sales policies . But No one will speak with you . They only chat with you when you are trying to make a purchase. Once they succeed in selling you their low quality synthetic wigs at 800 - 1000 dollars they stop communicating with you.

It took about 3-4 weeks to get the product . Anytime I called to follow up they tell me the wig is being washed . When it finally arrived it had the most awful smell . I wonder what they use to wash wigs, definitely not shampoo. It had a shine to it like a synthetic wig and shedding was crazy just for the first comb. I am just Overall disappointed .

I never complain, but this was just bellow belt, and $800 is a lot of money . ******I WANT A REFUND ****

Heavenly Tresses
Heavenly Tresses

Jan 28, 2017
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  • Gi
      Jun 19, 2017

    Which wig did you get? All the prices I see are for around $400. Did you get a custom unit?

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  • Jj
      Oct 16, 2017

    I question the quality of the hair and the construction of the wigs. It definitely arrived an awful smell too!!

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  • An
      Oct 13, 2019

    I ordered a wig as well from heavenly Tresses and the smell is awful it smell like corn chips I have talked with customer service twice and they just keep telling me to wash the unit in OGX shampoo which is not taking away the smell they claim they don't use chemicals of any kind on the hair but acting as if this is the first time this have ever happen to any of their customer I can clearly see from this web page this have been one of their issues with there wigs since 2017. they really need to stop scaming folks out of there hard earn money. Maybe we all need to get together and sue this company for false advertisement .

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