Heavenly Tressesthe worst hair money can buy

I have purchased from many other companies and this is by far the worst quality hair I've ever seen. It matts constantly and gets quite tangled very easily. The last few inches are like straw. I ordered one silk top wig which took about 6 weeks to produce and about $800 so I thought that this would be high quality. I was extremely disappointed when the wig came in with the condition of the hair and the fact that there were small pieces of hairs sticking out all over! The color was all wrong (even though I attached a photograph with the type of color that I wanted. it was supposed to be all black with a few streaks of brown but what I got was black roots and all light brown hair for the rest. I ordered a curl but once I washed it once, the curl was gone... so frustrating.

I very stupidly decided to order another silk top wig and tried to give them more detailed instructions hoping that they would do better a second time. But this time it was even worse (color was all wrong again) I tried to remove the color since it was so dark black but no color remover is able to take care of this. The hairline is so bad and the short hairs sticking out is soo horrible that I am not able to wear this at all. There is no style that I can make it possible to wear without looking ridiculous. I will have to just throw it away.

I went ahead and purchased with another company hoping that will hopefully produce a quality product.

Don't let their website and ease of ordering fool you. This is not a high quality company and they do not follow instructions when putting in custom orders.

Nov 21, 2018

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