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Heating Plus / Faulty installation and workmanship, poor customer service

1 1111 Finch Avenue WestToronto, Ontario, Canada
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On October 3, 2007, we purchased a Goodman Furnace and air conditioning unit from Heating Plus Goodman GMH95 90000 BTU efficiency 95% AFUE A/C unit GSC13 2-1/2 ton capacity 13 seer efficiency. As our a/c unit was installed late October 2007, there was never a need to run it as the weather was quite cool in Toronto. The first hot weekend in May 2008, we turned on our a/c unit only to have it FAIL within hours. Our basement was flooded with water, most coming from a hose that Heating Plus failed to connect to the main discharge hose. This hose was left on the floor by Heating Plus from the initial installation in October 2007, which is a reflection of poor workmanship.

I asked about the hose situation and was advised by Mr. Walters that â??your husband just needs to buy a tee and install the hose into the tee and the water drainage issue would be resolved. This should have been done by them when they did the installation in October of 2007. Suffice to say, that same night we installed a new air filter and tee and by the Sunday morning the unit had FAILED again.

Every time we call Heating Plus for 24 hour emergency service, our call is forwarded to a voicemail system and we are never able to reach a LIVE BODY. Heating Plus sent a technician to our home on June 21, supposedly to fix the problem. The Heating Plus technician advised us that it was not the air filter that was causing the problem, but in fact the incorrect installation of a Tx regulating valve on the a/c unit. The valve, installed by Heating plus on Oct. 21, 2007 was placed inside the a/c unit as opposed to the outside of the unit. Their technician advised us that this was an error on the part of the Heating Plus installer. He relocated the valve to the correct position outside the a/c unit, sealed up the a/c and left.

Guess what the unit FAILED again!

On the morning of June 22 we found our basement flooded again, the Tx valve that was installed on the outside of the unit by the tech the previous day was now frozen. Water was once again all over the floor, soaking the walls, damaging furniture and carpeting. We called Heating Plus again and were told someone would be at our home between 10 and 1PM on June 23. Heating Plus advised that their tech would be coming over to replace the COIL on the a/c unit. They finally got around to replacing the coil on the ac unit on June 28, 2008. The unit failed again on June 29. After several phone calls to this company the problem was supposedly fixed on July 8, 2008 Im keeping my fingers crossed. We purchased a NEW unit and all we have experienced are problems. We do not believe it was the equipment but LACK OF EXPERIENCE and POOR WORKMANSHIP from the Heating Plus installation team.

Heating Plus offers a 24 hours emergency phone number however we have been unable to reach a live body when we call the number.

We waited until yesterday to have this issue resolved. An issue that was a direct result of incorrect installation by the installer and/or unit failure.

Both our children are asthmatic and have eczema. When the air is hot and stifling in the home, they cannot breathe properly and or sleep properly. Their skin is dry and itchy due to the hot air and as a result their eczema has acted up to the point where my daughters fingers are cracked and bleeding at several points. When I tell them this - Paul Walters tells me "...what makes you more special than my other customers...".

Our family continues to suffer because NEW equipment we purchased from Heating Plus and PAID for in FULL on delivery has NOT functioned properly from day one.

By the way, the old furnace and a/c unit were removed by Heating Plus who advised us that they would be used as teaching aids at the school that Mr. Walters owns and teaches at (Industrain College).



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