Heathebrook apt 1101Black male in his 40's bullying me

After 1:00 PM today a black male accuse me of not having morals.He tried to suspiciously endanger my address after a tenant let her dog run loose to enter my apartment last month with other People ringing and knocking at my door to bother me as a human being.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Port Arthur, TXI was told by him with loud r&b music he listening to about the rights of the same tenants bullying me while standing in other people back porch areas during the day.He decided to respectfully handle a issue that I am being offensive to a ### problem somebody walking behind me as and the two black men one with dreads vulnerably confused but legally had no respect from even God to be stepping up to me around my City to bully me as a tenant.He not in my age group or know me in the City my Step dad raised me in.

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