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Heartland Moving and Storage / They do NOT hold up their side of any bargain

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I was moving because of a new job, and the new company was paying for the move. I contacted three companies and had them come out for an estimate. We gave them the dates when we would have to move (We were closing on the new house on the 10th, so had to be in the new city that day) and had informed the people coming in for the estimate of this fact. Since the new city was about 3 hours from the old city, we told all three estimates what we required:

Pack and Load on the 9th

Deliver on the 11th

MJ, the estimate from Heartland said that this could be done. Her comment, since we were only packing the kitchen, was they could pack AND load on the same day since we didn't have very much to pack. After choosing Heartland, we again told them of our timeline, via telephone call with MJ, and she agreed it could be done. We specifically stated PACK AND LOAD on the 9th, deliver on the 11th.

On the morning of the 9th, the packers came and there were no loaders. We called the company and were told that they would never agree with packing and loading on one day, and that they couldn't do it. I told them again it had been agreed to, and the comment was that they would not do this, they would load the next day.

Since we were closing on the house the next day, we needed to make sure we were out of the house and in the new city by 1pm for the closing, which meant we had to leave by 10. We had packed our cars with what we were taking with us, and were waiting for the loaders. They arrived at 8am, and we took them around the house to make sure they knew what all had to go. We specifically noted that we had a super single water bed frame, headboard and mattress in the basement that HAD to go, and the loaders even picked up the sides of the frame to see how heavy they were. We also stated that the weight bench in the garage, and the weights that went with it, had to go as well. These were weights that my husband used in his physical therapy, and were needed.

I was not happy with having to leave them in my house, but again, I had no choice as they had reneged on their promise to pack and load the same day, and we had to be in the other city for the closing. After going over everything with them again, we left to go to the new city.

We closed on the house and stayed in a hotel that night. We got to our new address the next day, and the movers were unloading things. My husband was calling off numbers, and I was writing them down. When the movers left, we started to go over everything and realized that our Microwave cabinet was damaged and there were items missing.

I called the moving company and reported this, and was sent paperwork to fill out regarding the missing and damaged items. I filled out the paperwork, and that's when the fun began.

After not hearing from the moving company for a while, I called Todd, the owner/manager, and asked him what was happening. At first, he would take my call (I was calling about every week at first) and tell me the adjusters were working on it, or that he needed to get in touch with the insurance company (I had fully insured the move through their insurance on their paperwork). I fully complied with every request of his, including where I was getting pricing on the products, etc. I would leave messages, but get no return calls from him. After a while, even if the operator told me he was on a conference call, I would hold to speak with him since he NEVER returned my call.

A month into this, I was still getting nowhere, so I asked to speak to the other owner, Britt. I told Britt (I am not sure if this is the spelling of his name) what was going on and asked him for assistance. Britt told me he would talk to Todd and get back to me that day or the next. Three days later, after hearing nothing from him, I called to ask him what was happening. Now HE wasn't returning my calls either.

Now I was calling daily, asking for information on this claim. Since they had made the mistake, I felt they should pay for it. Neither Todd nor Britt would return calls, it was only when I insisted that I would hold that they would come to the phone. They have still not settled this claim, and it does not look like they are going to. I have filed complaints with the Attorney Generals office, and am considering filing in small claims court, but I want everyone to know NOT to use this company as they do NOT hold up their side of any bargain, whether written or oral, and then avoid you as much as they can.


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