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Heartland Magazines / nonauthorized charges to my account

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Hearland Magazines
I received a call stating they were a magzine company, and they wanted me to know that another company was calling their customers pretending to be them. I didn't get their name, and now I wonder if they ever gave it to me. Since I was receiving magazines from a company, I thought it was a legitimate call. They verified my name, address and debit card number. Since they had my information, I thought it was the company I had ordered from a year ago.
They never said it was a sales call. They asked me which magazines I liked to read. They said that I get an additional pair of free magazines that I could choose from the list of magazines that they were going to send me. I kept asking if I was committing to anything the supervisor said no, I asked 3 times and still he said no, so I was like ok. This just happened recently, I haven't received any letters or a list, a couple of magazines of Elle and Cosmoplitian. I've request for a new debit card, but it seemed they were still able to denit my account for $99.80 so, I am going to change my account number all together. These people really need to get their butts out of the hole and get a real job like the rest of us !


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N  24th of May, 2009 by 
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Heartland Magazines - Scam artist
United States

Heartland magazines continues to call pretending that I have a current subscription with them and ask me how I enjoy the magazines. Then they say the reason for the call is for verification of my subscription. They said I had a current acccount with them and were verifying if i was recieving the magazines i signed up for. Then then put some one pretending to be a supervisor online and try to sell you another four years worth of subscriptions.

I made the mistake of dealing with these people once but never again. They are not to be trusted as all they want to do is rip people off with their BS. Someone needs to look into their practices of commerce .
N  9th of Sep, 2010 by 
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Heartland Magazines - Taking 2 payments a month for same account
Michael Shillingford
New York
United States

Sometime in August 2008 i received a call from the company Heartland Magazines. It was about 8.30 pm.ON the phone the gentleman told me that he is calling to teeel me that i have 60 months off free magazine he told me that if anyone other company calls me that i should tell them i have magazines coming from them.They began to give thier salkes pitch talking very fast and they told me i would get magazines for 59.85 for 30 months.I not really thinking sort off agreed but after i hanged up i realise what i did so i called them back and said i dont need 60 months off magazines i am single i dont want them . They tod me that i could not cancel it.So i ask to speak to someone else . A supervisor came on the phone and i told him i did not want the magazines. He told me he could let me have it for 29.85 for 20 months. I said ok althrouhg i tried to tell him i still did not want magazines.Now i have come to realized for the last 13 months they have been taking out both the 29.85 and 59.85 out off my account. I called them and the woman who answered the phone told me she cant do anything about it if iu want to cancel the magazines i have to pay the balance on both amounts. I am going to stop payment on them i have paid nearly $1000.00 for magazines i dont want . Why cant you cancel magazines you dont want i never heard of that before.The woman told me if i dont pay she will send it to collections.Please help me if you can.I think this company pulled spomething over me .In looking back i bnever had a account with them i had an account with another magazine company. They lied to me and i want them to take the moneys they have and stop all magazines deliveries. I am going to stop payment on the account. Thank you very much.

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