Heart to Heart Havanese / Tracey Rives - Dog breeder

Sent Tracey $500 deposit for one of her puppies. Was told by her that I would have 3rd or 4th pick. She sent pictures and videos etc. We prepared our home for the new family member. She asked that we come to her home before they turned 8 weeks to see our puppy. I called her last night to set up an appt. and she informed me that the puppies had turned out so well that her "show" friends wanted them and that after they were evaluated at 8 weeks there would probably not be a puppy for me. Had she told me that this was a possibility from the beginning I would understand this decision! But she did not...we had made a deposit like she asked...morally and ethically she should be obligated to fulfill her agreement. Guess she has no morals or ethics...please do not do business with Heart to Heart Havavese...Tracey Rives has no heart...and your heart will be broken like mine and my families is

Mar 24, 2016

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