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HealthyRightNow / Terrible service!

1 828 Dutch Square BlvdColumbia, SC, United States
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I took my 1999 Acura 3.2 TL into the Treadquarters location on Friday, March 14, 2008 at 8:00am. I was assisted by the location manager, Brian who I told that I was told that I needed an oil pan gasket for my car to fix an oil leak. When I went to pick up my car later that day, Brian informed me that I still had an oil leak but my bill was $291.00. They did not check to see whether the oil pan gasket was really causing the leak but they replaced it anyway and I had to pay them for not fixing the problem. He told me that it was another part that I needed but it wouldn't be in until Monday. I told him to order it and I would be in on Mondau morning. He told me that it would only cost me about $30.00 to $40.00.

I arrived at the Treadquarters location at 7:00am on Monday morning and waited for the location to open. I spoke with Matt that morning and told him the situation with my car and he knew nothing of it because Brian (who was not working that day) had not informed him of the arrangements. He told me that Brian had given me some bogus price and it would most likely be more than what Brian quoted me and my boyfriend. He told me that he would call me to authorize the repairs once he came up with an estimate. I had not heard anything form them by 4:00pm, so I called and they said they had not even gotten to my car yet. I was confused about this because I was the very first person there that morning, arriving before the mechanics but still yet they had not started on my car.

At 5:20pm, Matt called me and told me that the part that Brian ordered on Friday was the wrong part and that they would have to order a different part. They could not find the part at any of the Acura dealership. Had they started on MY CAR when I dropped it off instead of waiting until after 4:00pm, then they could have found out that they had the wrong part earlier and had time to locate the part that I needed. Then I was transfered to another mechanic who tried to further explain to me what was going on with my car and he then told me that they located the part and had it ordered. He told me and my boyfriend that the part would be in that next day and my car would be fixed.

I took my car back on Tuesday morning to Brian and he told me that the part was on its way and that my oil leak would be fixed that day. Since I work across the street from the location I could see that they had not even moved my car by 3:00pm that day. I had my boyfriend call and they told him that they did not have the part ordered and was still trying to find it. I called and spoke to Matt and he told me the same. I told him that I was assured the day before by his mechanics and by Brian that morning that my part was ordered and my car would be fixed. He told me that he didn't know who told me that as if I was imaging all of this.

Brian was in the background asking Matt what I wanted to know and to just tell me I had to wait on the part and that he was too busy to talk to me. I asked to speak to Brian and he told me that it was nothing they could do until the part came in and that I should calm down and wait. I told him that it really didn't concern him because he wasn't even at work on Monday and that I have already paid almost $300.00 and was still riding around with an oil leak that they were supposed to fix five days prior. He told me to come and pick up my car and hung up on me.

I was more than happy to pick up my car because they really didn't know what was wrong with the car and they had already gotten $300.00 from me so they were now giving me the runaround. When I went to pick up my car, my keys were on the counter unattended, where anyone could have just walked up and taken them. That was very unprofessional of them because someone could have driven off with my car but I guess they didn't care. I took my car to another mechanic's shop at 8:00am the next day and he had my car fixed at 3:30pm and I was charged $200.00 but they was no more signs of an oil leak.


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