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Healthy Way Waterproofing did a horrible service they came into my home and almost collapse my foundation. My house was built in 1927 the foundation was in good shape until Healthy Way came in and destroyed a good foundation base to install french drains and a sump pump after finding out later I, did not really need it. This company made a verbal promise that they will not continue the work if my footing was not good once they open a small space. I, was told by Frank the installer that my footing was good and that they could continue the work. The next day my basement went from good to bad because of Frank the installers error and Anthony the salesperson expertise as a license architect, All I could think about at the moment wheres is Mikes Holmes as much as I, watch his show how could I, be so stupid to fall for this company lies. They did this much destruction just to keep money in their pockets no matter how much it's going to cost the homeowner. Then Frank tells me the cost to secure the basement footing will be additional $1800.00 I, refuse to pay for the error of two so call experience license contractors, but Frank told me if I, don't get this done my foundation could collapse and he said he could not leave his own basement this way . The only choice I, had was to pay but I, only paid $1000.00 cash that was a big mistake, I, should have kick everyone out of my house at that point and called the town to come to inspect the damage that was a mistake on my part. Now I, am stuck with a basement issue that I, don't know if it's really a secured foundation because so much sand was lost from under the footing plate. This company made verbal promises to me to install patent products from another basement company and knew they could not delivered theses products, all to keep me from going to the other company. Frank install cheap materials the concrete around the basement floor is starting to crack already not even 2 months old. The PVC pipes he used are old and dirty materials from other jobs. Frank admitted to me that he gets most of his materials from Home Depot, if that's the case this project should not have cost $765i.00. The base sump pump cover does not fit the base bucket it will not close, that is a safety hazard for my 1 yr old nephew and 5 yr old son. This company will also tell you that you don't need a permit that is a lie you need a permit for any building and plumbing work for your protection because if something happens you need this for legal issues. I, had to enforce that they pull the permits, that should tell you something about this company. Salesperson Anthony came into my house and mislead me to believe that the system I, was getting will work and convince me to sign a contract the same day the estimate was given, who does that unfortunately I, did. I, gave him to much info about me wanting to finding a company with 0% financing he took that to his advantage in convincing me to sign he also offer me a discount if I, sign that day . He told me that I, could save 15% because they had cancellations from other jobs that was a red flag warning, at that point I, should have ran like hell, but I, still fell for the lies what a learning experience. My cost went from $8000.00 something to the final contract cost of $6400.00 to finance, permits fees $251.00 and $1000.00 cash totaling $7651.00. I, could kick my self 7651times for letting my guard down what a huge learning experience. This is a first-time buyers worst nightmare, do not be con by anyone do your research dig deep and hard check this company out or any company you use. Make sure you check to see if any company has change their name a lot because this company has Robert the owner changes his company name like he changes his underwear look-up Healthy Homes it was his company. Please! do not let no one talk you into a discount savings to sign a contract that same day because, if you don't sign and you called them two weeks later or a 1 year later they will give you that same discount no one is going to turn down that much money. I, have file a complaint with consumer affairs my building and plumbing for the french drains and sump pump did not approved code and that's why they told me I, don't need a permit go figure. I, am still waiting until this day for Frank to come back to correct theses problems, he called and left messages said he is coming and then don't show up all, what a game this company plays. The most part the owner should have treated a customer and their concerns with more respect because if this was his home and someone came in and cause this much damage how would he feel.
I, will keep you posted thanks for reading.

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      9th of Dec, 2014

    We are very sorry you feel this way. We have more than 4000 satisfied customers. In addition, we have an "A" rating with the BBB and Angie's List. Our owner, Robert Lanfrank, spoke with you multiple times. We also reviewed the photos taken before the work commenced & during the job. We think that your description of the events that occurred are skewed in your favor. Also, based on the photos, you definitely needed a professional to repair the moisture issue. We are foundation experts, not just waterproofers, & have repaired 100's of foundations with footing issues like yours. We understand that no one likes to find out that more work is required after the job commences . Unfortunately, we do not have x-ray vision & we did not build your home. Therefore, sometimes additional problems are discovered after we cut the floor. We're disappointed that you did not share that Healthy Way never asked you for another dime more than the $1000 deposit you gave us. You now have a fully functional water management system, reinforced footings & proper permits for $1000. We also like to note that the Division of Consumer Affairs never contacted us. So, they either thought your complaint was not valid or you never reported us to them. In addition, Mr. Lanfrank has only owned 2 companies in the 22 years he has been in this business. One as a partner, Healthy Home, & Healthy Way, which he is the sole owner.

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