HealthSmart / Reverse Sexism/Discrimination

1 6303 Commerce Drive Suite 180, Irving, Texas, Irving, TX, United States
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They called me in for an interview for a job I had applied for online. The first interview was with two women who seemed very professional and very nice. They seemed to like me very much, as they both stated that they were very pleased with my interview.
I was told that I may be called for a second interview.

A few days later I was contacted again for a second interview for the following week.

I went to the second interview and was interviewed by two women and one man (over the speaker phone).
Close to the end of the interview I was asked a very strange and inappropriate question.
Would I mind working in an office that was "all female"?
Why would I mind? It's a job, what would I care if they are male or female? Office jobs usually are working with mostly women, what do I care?
For some reason this question was very odd and out of place.

Then one female interview said "Well, we already have our one token guy".

Geez...REALLY? This is 2014 and I failed to get a job because this company already has their "token guy"????

What a craptastic and backwards thinking company!

Think twice before doing business with them, and definitely DONT apply for jobs there, unless you are a man-hating feminist!

Dec 14, 2014

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