healthmor defender and queen / abusive sales persons

1 WA, United States

I was verbally abused by a salesman for this company and sent this letter to the company
March 23, 2012
To Whomever May Give a Damn about your company,
I was asked to allow one of your saleswomen to show your air defender and (not a vacuum) but a air flow queen in my home I said I was not interested, but was reassured that the sales girl only wanted sales presentation experience.
I allowed her in with the understanding that I would not be buying anything. She said fine, gave a good demonstration of what the product could do. The man that was with her decided to come into my home, he was not invited. He arrived to tell me how stupid I was, became very verbally abusive and threatened to open the gate to allow my pets to get out because I kept my word and chose not to buy.
I will be very happy to tell everyone that your product is not worth the abuse that goes with it. I was reaching for the cell phone to call the Sheriff when they decided to leave with the threat of leaving the gate open for my pets to get out into the field.
I am in Benton City Washington, the sales team was from Spokane Washington and you have just lost face and any reputable voice from me.
Just In Case you care,
************ BS MAOM

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