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HealthMarketts/CreditWatch / Scam

1 FL, United States

HealthMarkets sent me out a letter stating I owed them money. If I would not pay then they would send it out to CREDITWATCH. One month later, CREDITWATCH has now sent me out a letter saying that I have 30 days to respond in writting, if not -then I assume the debt is valid. I was TOTALLY trained in an un-ethical manner and was set up for failure. I was a BIG producer; however, I had a conscience and had to leave.

I have been told by ex-agents to ignore this letter because it will never be reported on my credit report. Is this a true statment? I have also heard that CREDITWATCH is an inside company that is a part of HealthMarkets; however, after research, they are a solid collection company for various debts outside of Mega.

So the question remains, do I ignore the letter completley, then at a latter date ignore the phone calls? Or do I write them a brief letter saying I disagree with the debt that is owed to the company and ask them to leave me alone?? I already wrote a letter once to HealthMarkets before they sent me to CREDITREPORT- should I just send them the same letter which reflects why there is a debt due to being trained to sell a poor policy as if it were the best??? Any help would be appreciated- I just do not want this on my credit report.

Any broker or ex-mega agent-please respond.

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