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Health Mor / warranty issues

1 Ft Collins, CO, United States Review updated:

Stupidly let a salesman in with the promise of $100.00 worth of free gas that you can use anywhere. Claim your has yet to mail us the cards that we had to jump through hoops to qualify for. The dirt bowl on the vacuum has a broken clasp on the side. It took it to the Ft. Collins office and they said they did not have one to exchange it for but would send it in and would rush one out to me. That was on a Thursday and today is the following Tuesday. They cannot provide a tracking number or let me know if it has even been sent out. I have requested a call from the manager but to date he has not contacted me. Conveniantly he is not available but was definately available after hours when the sale was made. I had a Filter queen vacuum years ago and loved it. It did a magnificant job and had no problems for about 15 years. I foolishly bought one again and am so sorry. d3f35

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  • Je
      30th of May, 2009
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    I saw on another message that people are getting their gas or grocery cards and someone posted this:

    "you should call them, I had a similar issue and they were able to send me my gift cards. 480-455-5192. Talk to Steven or Nicole"

    It's worth a shot to get your gas card for a simple phone call.

    Good luck.

  • Rl
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    I am a representative from Global Breeze (now under new management). I am sorry for your problem with the warranty. The most common warranty issue with filter queen products is with the buckles and it is because people leave them unbuckled and kick them off. Even though that is classified as a user error, we still choose to repair these products under warranty. Please reply to this email with your contact information and I will be glad to do what I can to make the problem right.

    Concerning gas cards, we did receive complaints, and we are no longer doing that program.


  • Mi
      27th of Aug, 2010
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    I am a salesman for filter queen. I go to people's homes and hustle the Defender and the Majestic. I get paid $400 per week for 12 appointments. If I do not get 12 appointments, I do not get paid. I also do not get paid for extra appointments. I get 10% commission on sales. If you buy both products, it will cost you $151 a year to maintain them (buying filters). Each sales person is an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR, not an employee. This makes it easy for them to not pay me and to avoid filing taxes for me. I think the products are nice, but way overpriced. I think that the way they sell their products is a complete scam and is very unethical. The product works, I don't understand why the way they are sold has to be so shady. I quit.

  • Fi
      20th of Dec, 2010
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    Obviously you must not have sold any because you would have made a ton more money than $400 a week. And for 12 appointments was only 24 hrs a week. Some folks dont make that working 40 plus hrs a week. Its people like you that give this company a bad name because of your laziness. Id almost bet if you worked for another company as long as there was work involved you would do the same. Ive been in this business for 4 years and very successful. Ive bought a brand new car with cash I may add. In this business just like any other business in order to get paid you have to work for it!!!

  • Ne
      18th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I am a brand new sub contractor for the company and I love it I made $400 in an hour most jobs dont pay you that in a week after taxes and all that crap. I agree you have to work for you money you cant be lazy about it..

  • Mr
      1st of Dec, 2011
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    so i just got hired for this place called elite health systems where were sales associates for filter queen and i was wondering if its legit or not. the guy said that id do 12 appts to make the 550. but he also said that they set up the appointments. the marketing part of the company does that. and when i was in training today i asked him if that was true or not and he told me that they do set up the appointments so idk what to believe now.. this sounds too good to be true to me and i dont wanna waste my time ya know.

  • Bu
      4th of Dec, 2011
    -1 Votes

    The whole Filter Queen distribution system is a complete scam. [redacted] has a complete ten year thread of the company cover Healthmoor employees, sales office employees, and sales people who are told a great fish story to get in the door.

    These practices haven't changed and if Healthmoor really claim that their product was as good as it was, they wouldn't need to sell them door to door but would sell them at Best Buy or Walmart. These machines have been marked up from 50 percent to as high as 300 percent based on cost analysis conducted on the parts to make the machine as well as the market value of the machines when being sold by other parties on the internet. I'll believe Healthmoor is more legit when I see them for sell at the yellow tag.

  • Qu
      29th of Feb, 2012
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    I am a new independent contractor for Health-Mor products and I love my job! I get paid $600 to do 15 demo's per week, WHETHER I SELL ONE OR NOT! That is $40 per demo and they take about 90 minutes. Do you make $26.40 an hour? I do! The products are so great that they practically sell themselves. During the training, they ask you to practice on 10 family/friends before you go out in the field to the appointments they provide to you. This let's you practice so that you don't embarrass yourselves or the company. So, once you have done your 10 to get certified you make 10% of each sale or, your $600 for the week, which ever is greater, for 22.5 hours of "work" a week! I have fun and it is not "work" to me. You start as an independent contractor and after 90 days they give you either a pink slip for low turn over volume (they want you to be at 20% to keep you around) or they send you to school and you become an employee and they take out taxes etc. If you work 15 demo's a week for 90 days AND DO NOT SELL EVEN ONE, you have made $2400 a month for three months! I have no idea how you could not sell these unless you are very lazy or do not follow the demo directions.

    As for the post above saying that "...if Healthmoor really claim that their product was as good as it was, they wouldn't need to sell them door to door but would sell them at Best Buy or Walmart." That is stupid because EVERYONE thinks their house is clean and they would not believe that 1) Their vacuum does not work and does more harm than good (ask Dr. OZ) and that 2) Their house is DIRTY and they just don't know it. I pulled a TON of dirt, dust mites, skin cells etc. out of my in-laws pristine looking white living room carpet that sits atop their hardwood floor and I am not even going to go into what you pull out of beds and you sleep in that stuff...ewww! They bought in on the spot and made me take the $300 hoover they had just bought a month ago out of their house before I left! The cleaner looking the house is, the more shocking it is that you pull up so much mess from the carpets and furnishings. It is definitely something that the customer needs to see in their own home to believe.

  • Bu
      29th of Feb, 2012
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    Well QueenEveryDay, I remember when I was selling I felt the same way you did. I had a good sales record when I was doing it that it even came to the attention of the home office at one time. I do make more than $26.40 an hour in the private sector without hard selling a cleaning machine in someones house for an hour.

    It isn't stupid Queen to think that these products aren't good enough to be sold at Best Buy or Walmart. It's because the company doesn't stand by their product after the sale. I do agree they do clean well but when it comes to service it has been lacking. Inferior parts have been put in and there have been other concerns about taking care of the customer after the sale. It's been a fast buck Queen and in the end when something goes wrong, the customer gets slapped in the face while making their monthly payments at a 21% interest rate on a broken cleaning machine.

    I've been running threads about this company for almost ten years and have even talked to consumer reporters from the media. Your going to find Queen that when that clean rug gets pulled from under you, you will see things my way.

    Right now Queen the way I see it Healthmoor has burnt employees, customers, and independent sales people (or is that pawns). Your time will come real soon to join the list. Be sure to fess up when you get burned.

    You want to make the big bucks and not the fast bucks, then get some schooling done and make it happen. They don't exactly have MBAs peddling the machines now do they?

  • Fr
      20th of Oct, 2012
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    I know someone who works for elite health systems selling the defender and is 550 a week IF they do 12 demos...which are set up by their boss. If the people aren't home or say no and he "can't get into the house" it does NOT count as a demo. He may travel over 300 miles in one day and have 5 demos set up...two of which may be there. The price of the products can change on a house by house basis, never getting low enough for money not to be made( a defender may sell for $350-$600.) He may have a demo at 11am and then not another until 2pm and one at 5pm and even one at 8pm. The demos can go late. He leaves home at 9am, and sometimes does not return until 9/10pm. Yes actual demos are only an hour or so, but travel time+hours between demos equal 12 hour days...not to mention they push you to work monday through saturday...70 hours!! IF in that time most of the people don't want the demo or are not home the 12 demos aren't met...this means he only makes commision on products sold that week. This could be $60/week or thousands a week depending on product sales/amounts. The product is good, but expensive. There is a lot of thought put into the data in the demo ( and what is being put into the associates heads as well) Some people are paying to work there when it comes to gas and average income/wk...hoping that sales will increase so they will have a huge paycheck the next week. Associates are told to stick it out and that with sales it will get better as they have more experience...but it is at the associates cost. IF people aren't home, or say"I didn't know you would be here today" the associate makes at trip for nothing if they can't get into the house the do a demo. Only $75 a week is given for a gas allowance as well. This person can spend over that in one day easily!!! Think about it and weigh the pros and cons if you are thinking about doing this. It can be good money, but I think the boss/appointment makers play a HUGE part in your paycheck...and I don't think that it is fair personally.

  • Bu
      20th of Oct, 2012
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    I was a nationally rated Filter Queen representative and sold quite a few. The twelve demos required doesn't pay for the gas you need to sell them and when you do you sell them, hopefully they have good credit or pay cash for it. If they don't, you commission will be very low. These products are good and Filter Queen doesn't need independent fly by night sales offices to make a huge profit margin on them. They could sell these at Best Buy so that they can stand behind their product instead filling distributors heads with ideas that they have not intention of supporting on a permanent basis. If you want to become successful in this country, stay away from this company and go to school to get real training needed to be a business person that they are incapable of supporting you to be. For the ten years that I worked on blogs for this company, the list gets greater showing that Filter Queen will take more from you than they are giving to you. It will be a foolish waste of you time to pitch the product.

  • Am
      25th of Apr, 2014
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    Hi. I worked more than two months for the people in Ottawa and they did not pay me I spent time .money and gas and mileage in my car doing the advertising and they did not pay me. Neither the equity .they are NOT honest sorry the majestic and the defender are just perfect and top of the line BUT in Ottawa they are not HONEST at all and I am not the only one thankx
    You can contact me (613)261-1393

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