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Health Insurance / Forced to stay in hospital now insurance won't pay!

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In the early morning of March 12th of 2005 I tried to take my own life. In a drunken hopelessness I took as many of my newly refilled prescriptions of Welbutrin, Stattera, and Zoloft as I could fit into my stomach. I started to get sick and not wanting to lay there in now physical pain too, I called 911.

I was admitted to the hospital and not long after the pills that I took started making me have seizures. The combination of those pills and the alcohol gave the doctors the impression that I might be permanently brain damaged after reviewing the CAT scans.

I don't remember anything although I was conscious and verbally communicating until the following Thursday, nearly a full week. I would remain in the hospital until Saturday waiting to get admitted into a behavior health facility to stabilize me mentally. During my hospital stay I was tied down to help protect myself from the seizures until those subsided and had 24 hour surveillance by a sitter. I was not allowed to leave my hospital room until they found a behavioral health facility to have a bed available. This took two days.

After spending four days in Banner Behavioral Health I was released. I completed the intense outpatient program and have not touched alcohol since.

Not long ago I received a bill from the hospital for $5,360. This amount is for the two days I spent waiting to find a behavior health facility to accept me. The hospital appealed both the Cigna Medical and Cigna Behavioral to have them pay the balance. Neither will accept responsibility stating it was not medically necessary or that I was not receiving mental health care at the time.

The hospital states that this does happen from time-to-time and usually the patient ends up paying. This is not right. I have insurance. I was not allowed to leave even if I wanted to. Now I have to pay!

I did put myself into the hospital, but I did everything that I was supposed to do since and have never touched alcohol again. I am fighting this because I don't think it is right that I have to pay when I am insured and when I needed to use it the most.

I need help. I need advice. I need to get through to these insurance companies that this is not right.


Phoenix, Arizona 85016

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  • La
      11th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    my best friend was just in banner baywood and she went in voluntarily for mental help... there was no attempt and no self harm, but the hospital handcuffed her to the bed and would not let her leave, even when she requested to leave AMA... I think there is something wrong with the hospital system at Banner Baywood, because they were all laughing at my best friend and making fun of the patients. We are looking at filing a CLASS ACTION law suit on banner baywood...

  • Sp
      21st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    The hospital made a billing mistake and probably has made the same mistake to many other patients which didn't take the time to fight it. I didn't have to pay any of the $5, 360.

    Why did you even waste your time responding to my post? Stop wasting your time on me if you don't like me so much.

  • Co
      2nd of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    god, you have tobethe biggest idiot on the planet, no insurence company will cover self inflicted injury or suicide. Stop putting blame on others, no one put the bottle of pills to your mouth [censored]! If you wanted to kill yourself, why call 911. Pay your self-inflicted bill and stop complaining. Its not as if you got hit by a car and the insurance is refusing to pay. what a doush!

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