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i would like to kn ow about petronas petrolium isnt it fake company they offer me a job and send mre the ofer letter and term and condiitons which looks fake

JOB REF: ARI 67/21563
shumaila furnaz, With reference to you’re earlier sent CV and the answers to the online reviewed by the human resources department we hereby appoint
you as;

From this date; 8th February 2010 your Contract will be for a fixed period of 4YEARS and thereafter your services will automatically stand terminated. Your continuance will be granted on your satisfactory and loyal discharge of your duties to the company at the past years. (Note: Your contract will be in accordance with the provisions of Section 2(00) and 2(bb) of PETRONAS Industrial Disputes Act, 1047).
JOB LOCATION: Kuala Lumpur, Branch (Malaysia).
START DATE: You shall be expected to resume on site latest contract by the 8th March 2010.
1. SALARY: You will be paid salary of: 2, 500 USD PER MONTH (After Tax Deduction) and your increment will be granted on your satisfactory and loyal discharge of your duties to PETRONAS at the place you have been assigned the work and the same can be withheld in case the standard of work and/or your conduct is found substandard and accelerated if the same is found commendable at the sole discretion of the management.
2. BENEFITS: Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance, 5 Bedroom Flat Duplex fully furnished bills free with free internet connections, free personal Toyota Camry 2009 model, Feeding allowances monthly, Free education/medical care for children, leave cycle 2 times a year 30Days Break / Leave after every 6moths of work and flight fares back home town and pay off salary.
3.You shall be expected to personally incur all the expenses of traveling documents, work permit and residence permit with the immigration at first as a proof of readiness and wiliness to join PETRONAS oil company and shall be duly reimbursed and will be substantiated with receipts and the Company will reimburse you not later than Five (5) working days after submission of Employee’s expenses report and receipts.
4. COMPANY’S EXPENSES: Employee will incur some expenses to get his/her visa and work permit. The Company shall reimburse Employee for all business expenses after the Employee presents an itemized account of expenditures, pursuant to Company policy and also send his/her flight fare and relocation allowances before proceeding to Malaysia.
5. You will be whole time employee and are not to undertake any other business, work or public office on payment or otherwise except with the written permission of the Management.

6. PETRONAS OIL COMPANY may transfer you for work in any section/department assigned from time to time with different establishment/companies where it has undertaken contract worker in any part of Malaysia as it may consider necessary in its discretion from time to time.

7. Your services will automatically be terminated on your attaining the age of superannuation as per management rules in force from time to time.

8. You are liable to be suspended from service without pay pending inquiry into any charges of misconduct against you till the final decision in the matter.

9. Your continuance in service of PETRONAS OIL COMPANY is subject to your remaining physically and mentally fit. As and when required by the management, you will submit yourself to medical examination by a physician of the choice of the management.

10. Your appointment is terminable either by PETRONAS OIL COMPANY or by yourself without assignment of any reason on either side, after giving one month’s notice or payment in lieu thereof.

11. In case there will be any change in your address; you will intimate us in writing within three days from the date of such change. If the expatriate wishes to leave outside the company accommodation.

12. Your absence for a continuous period of 8 days (including absence when leave though applied for but not granted) or over-stay for a period of 8 days would make you to lose your lien on the job and your services shall automatically come to an end without any notice or intimation from the side of PETRONAS OIL COMPANY.

13. Grant of earned leave will depend upon the exigencies of work and shall be at the discretion of the management. For availing leave, you will have to apply in the prescribed form to the appropriate authority and seek prior approval for such leave. Similarly, for extension of leave, an application will have to be made in writing before the expiry of the leave originally sanctioned. While making such application you will state you address during the leave period. Mere submission of application will not mean that the leave has been sanctioned.

14. You will be bound by any rules & regulations enforced by the management from time to time in relation to conduct, discipline, medical leave and holidays on any matters relating to service conditions or Model Standing Order or Certified Standing Order etc which will be deemed as rules, regulations and order in the part of these terms of employment.

15. That the continuation of your service is subject to your being found medically (physically and mentally) fit.

16. Annual increment will be based on performance of duty, if found satisfactory during the past year of service in terms of efficiency, regularity, punctuality and discipline and the same may be withheld if the performance is found unsatisfactory or accelerated in case of exceptionally good performance.

17. You are liable to retire on your attaining the age of 68 years or earlier a found medically unfit.

18. In matters not herein specified, you will be governed by such rules of the PETRONAS management as are in force from time to time.

19. You will be governed by Labour Laws applicable to our Company and will be covered under E.P.F, ESIS applicable to PETRONAS OIL COMPANY.

Congratulations on your success,
This letter is being sent to you in triplicate. Please return copy of the same, duly signed, as a token of your acceptance of the above terms and conditions for our records.
Yours faithfully,


shumaila furnaz.

kindly do let me know and help me that its fake or not if fake please do action for it


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