Headquarters EMS Internet Ltdunprofessional company - they feed you false promises to buy, they avoid any traceability.

I had been working on a personal blog / website myself but I hadn't been getting anywhere, so through a simple google search I found approved index which is like a service directory for these types of things, you submit your details and what you would like to achieve and a company will get in touch with their services. I was then contacted by EMS internet, which had mediocre reviews; unfortunately I had not researched into it in too much detail.

One of the account managers then called from his mobile and promised the whole world. I told them exactly what I wanted, and that I didn’t want anything ‘simple’ and acceptable. I had also mentioned that I would like the website to mainly perform as a blog; I was told this was possible. Secondly, I was also told that I would be able to add more than pages, which is possible but this was at an additional cost (which wasn’t mentioned). I also gave specific instructions how I would like my website to look and this was also promised. I was then told that the price for everything was between £800 - £900. I then told them that I wasn’t happy with this price and was told that they really value their customers and they really want to make them happy, so they said they will charge £600, (exc £119 VAT). They said they will take half the payment prior as a deposit and the second half AFTER I had approved the flat design proof. What they had failed to tell me was that it had been setup through a direct debit and through Sage payment, so a debit date had already been set. I was not aware of this. So, after I was under the impression that everything that I wanted for my website was possible, I agreed. To which, I was told that I was going to be called from a recorded phone where I would just agree with everything I had been told.

Obviously, being under the impression that I was going to have exactly what I wanted I agreed on the RECORDED line, so they had a record of this, lucky for them they had no evidence of the FALSE promises I was made. They did not email me a breakdown of the services they were going to provide – Really Unprofessional. Another thing that was unprofessional was that every email I had sent to my account exec. Was always returned by the customer services line or by account manager through his mobile, almost like they wanted to avoid having anything on file.

I was then asked to fill out a data entry form to enter the details of the desired website, mainly the content. They asked for background and font colours, but there were no options for more detailed requests. I had asked them to make my website similar to one I had sent. Was this done? No. It seemed as though they had used a basic template and the content management system they used was Drupal, which is actually FREE (again, I was NOT aware of this prior to making a > £700 commitment). So what are we paying for? A really poor service and website hosting? As, what I wanted to achieve was more of a blog, I didn’t have all the content to upload onto the form.

Once I had submitted the form, I was called a few times to confirm some questions the web designers had. My correspondence had always been straight away without many delays.

Two weeks later, the second payment (£368) had been taken account of my account. I then emailed my account manager to ask why this had been taken out of my bank account before my approval of the draft which I had NOT received. Obviously, he did not reply so there were no traces of correspondence. He then calls and apologised, and had told me that there is a two week deadline before initial submission and first draft submissions, which meant the direct debit had been set up 2 weeks after the brief submission. They then went on to say that Because there was missing information and it took a while to hear back from me that this delayed the process, however my correspondence had always been immediate. My account manager said that because the website had made so much progress already that there was no point in refunding me the second half of the payment. I was told that they will keep going until the website is exactly how I wanted. At this point, I trusted him and said Ok.

I then received the initial draft and was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t a complete disaster, however loads to be done. Some of the problems I noticed were:

1) It did not look like the benchmark website I had sent.
2) They kept my house address on the front page and I was told that this could not be removed but replaced. However though back and forth resubmissions, this had not been actioned.
3) I asked for a particular layout – I was told this isn’t part of the template. However, I was not even given an option of templates!
After numerous phone calls, I was told that my PERSONAL details would be removed from the draft – This was not done. Even up to the call where I expressed that I would like to cancel my account, my account manager had told me that he, himself has removed it – However that had NOT been done, so they lied to me. I called my account manager and said I definitely require the blog element, to which he replied and said it wasn’t possible unless I paid an additional cost, however the information can be updated as and when I like. However, I know this would change the visual appearance entirely.

It had seemed that account manager was trying to feed me all sorts of information to keep my account but would never deliver.
I then gave up and then emailed my account manager to inform him that I would like to cancel my account, I then receive a phone call from the customer services team to say this will be actioned and all my concerns were noted. She then said that she had made the relevant actions and I will be contacted soon by the cancellations department. I waited and waited and I received nothing. I then emailed again and got a call from my account manager who tried to persuade to stay, I asked why it had not been actioned and I was told ‘We have some new templates that we would really like to try with your website and we can try to build a WordPress platform’. He then said I had to email cancellations to confirm my cancellation, so this had NOT been actioned like I was told, again I was lied to. He told me he would email me the cancellations team email address and this was not done, I had to chase up.

I am highly disappointed with their service, it’s as though they are just out to take money and make really false promises. I would definitely not recommend EMS internet for anything sophisticated and intellectual. If you want something VERY basic then feel free to use them and even if you do, I suggest you ask for everything in writing and use a recorded line just for traceability. They will tell you that they will deliver your desired end product, but this is not the case. They use a FREE software to build your website and pay ridiculous pricing for something that is pretty basic and simple. Unfortunately they were NOT able to deliver the website that I wanted. I wish I had taken the negative reviews for seriously.

May 03, 2017

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