Head Start of Greater Dallas / Unsubstantiated termination

1 Dallas, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 972/283-6400

I was alleged of pinching a child(unknown child, unknown date). I was suspended without pay 4/28/11. I was called into office 6/10/11 and was told that I was found in violation of the allegations based on interviews with the children. There was no viewing of video recording in classroom nor was there any reference to staff witness my commiting this act. I appealled the recommendations and met with policy council 6/22/11 to explain that I had not pinch any child. On 6/28/11, I was informed by letter that the decision to terminate my mployment stood. During the investigation of this allegation, two other employees were named. One employee was placed on suspension without pay 6/10/11; the other employee received their last check 7/8/11. I had been employed with Head Start of Greater Dallas four years and four months and had received outstanding Job Reviews. I was fired under false statement.

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