HDTV ServiceLousy program packages, prices and poor customer service

I hadn't had cable or satellite service over a year and a half now. Direct TV put the nail in the coffin for me having been the last of my most horrible experiences with cable and satellite companies. When I signed up for their service it was only because I was recently pissed off with my local cable service provider, and of course there was no alternative, so I reluctantly took my chances with them. Of course I signed up for the promotional package they were offering at the time but in almost NO time from that point I was completely PO'd with them as well. When the promotion for the "free" premium content ran out, I opted to downgrade my package just prior to the three month expiration... only to find the charges for the promotional package on my bill at full price AND I continued to be billed THAT rate for two more months dispite entering, via phone, several cancellation requests!
Oh it gets better... So finally I just outright canceled my service all together and suddenly THOSE CHANGE were removed only to be replaced with $350 IN EARLY TERMINATION FEES and equipment charges. When I tried to return the equipment, they said they would send me a box for shipping... NEVER GOT IT! You all pretty much know the rest of that story. ANYWAY... I've since moved on to a company I truly love, and their service is stellar, delivering all my hdtv channels LIVE, NOT STREAMING, over my internet connection. I'm happy now!

Feb 18, 2015

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