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HD Installers / Service Charged, but Not Delivered

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Scheduled an appointment for Friday 4/18. Took a vacation day to take care of my TV installation.
I was told that my credit card would not be charged until service received.

1. Received no call to alert that appointment was cancelled.
2. Credit card was charged day appointment was schedule (they lied to me).
3. Very rude when asked to credit charge.

Totally unprofessional company. All their customer service voice mails say that we are assisting other customer...but you get this message even when the company is closed. How are you suppose to know that you should be wasting your time trying to get service. They do not answer their emails.


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  • Fs
      28th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I know people who have had the same problems with HD Installers. The owner, Myles Rothacker, seems to be better at branding himself on the internet than he is about answering the phone or returning calls. I made the mistake of trying to contact them about working for them. After finally getting their phone number off of the 3rd website that I went to, no one answered the phone and they didn't return my calls. I found out later that they don't even have hdtv installation people as employees and that they leave their customers at the mercy of unlicensed, unmanaged contractors.

  • Fu
      23rd of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    this is a plant bs complaint by zip installations the biggest piece of crap company every created. Fsimms works for that comany. He needs to kill himself.

  • Jo
      5th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I think it's save to say Fuzips is perhaps... Myles???? Wow, to tell someone to kill themselves over a complaint on a website, is that really the approach HD Installers wants to take? Again very shady business practices...

  • Fu
      30th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I tried to talk to their customer servce person about a plasma installation, and i was very impressed with their complete lack of phone skills! After doint a little research on their company, I found a lot of problems with their company and I am not ever going to do business with them.

    It seems like this Myles, I mean Fuzips, guy works for both At&t and Hd installers, so it shocks me that he would make up a fake profile and then tell someone to kill themselves! Hello At&t- you have a timebomb working for you!!!

  • Sl
      10th of May, 2011
    0 Votes
    HD Installers - Crew never showed
    HD Installers
    New York
    United States

    Three weeks ago, I called to make an appt for installation of my tv on top of my fireplace. I scheduled the appt for 5/9/11. On 5/6/11 at 10:22am I receive an email, not even a phone call, that the tech that surveyed my room, hurt his leg, so another crew would be coming. Well on 5/9/11 no crew came. I called at 1pm one hour after my scheduled appt, and received the answering maching stating they were helping a client, and to leave a message and they would call you back, so I did. No call by 2, left another message. At 3:30 I called again, left a third message informing them that if I don't receive a call back ASAP I will cancel my order. I received an email right away, stating that they would not be coming, and asked if they could reschedule, and oh by the way the price would be the same. Not even a discount for their fault, nothing. I was furious! I immediately wrote back and told them to cancel my order. They responded by stating sorry. REALLY, sorry! I take a day off from work, and they don't show. I wouldn't refer these guys to anyone. I don't even think they are a legit company. If you are thinking of going with guys don't!!!

  • Mi
      10th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I would be a little worried that someone said they hurt their leg surveying your room (red flag)

  • J4
      24th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes
    HD Installers - Charged for Service Not Delivered/Damaged House
    HD Installers
    Tampa/St Petersburg
    United States

    - Contracted for "platinum" installation pkg for 2 TVs (65" and 42") and 9 spkrs for a total cost of approx $1100. Website boasts of highly professional installation techs. Our tech showed up one hour late, by himself indicating his partner would be there later in the day.

    - I gave him VERY specific instructions on where to place the TVs and speakers. 9 hrs later at 7PM, he'd only done 40-50% of the work, his partner never showed, and he had put his foot through the ceiling of our newly constructed home that we hadn't spent a single night in. He'd also mounted one family room spkr noticeably out of alignment on the ceiling w/its counterpart speaker. Finally, he'd mounted the bracket for the 65" TV approx 9" left of center above the fireplace. This necessitated removal/repair of two bolt holes in the stud. In all fairness, he had cut holes and put 6 speakers in the ceiling. Unfortunately, he did not complete their installation by connecting them, installing their grills, directing them (they're directional spkrs) or testing them. Moreover, his overall knowledge of LCD, high-fidelity, speaker, and stereo issues was almost entirely absent.

    - I lost so much confidence in this process that I reported it to the company's Customer Service/Sales section. They relieved him and started a several day process of finding another team of "professionals". If he was their A team, I told them I needed to cut my losses and to please let me pay them for the value of the services I had received.

    - The sales rep then telephonically indicated that certain work was done that had not been done. I was note at the home so I took her word for it and authorized a charge of $589. Shortly thereafter, I learned that what she said had been done had NOT in fact been done. I even offered to send her photos to prove this. She did not take me up on this offer. I requested she credit back the charge on my credit card until we could reconcile this. She instead advised me that I had gotten a good deal from HD Installers (remember, only 40-50% of the work was done, by an unskilled, unqualified tech, who caused damage to our home). Quite astonishingly, she also advised me that her company had gratuitously not charged me for the cost of repair of the hole in the ceiling where the tech's foot came through as well as the repair of the two bolt holes above the fireplace necessitated by the tech mounting the bracket 9" off center. Incredible!
    - I advised HD Installers that I would be willing to pay them for the value of the tech's work (i.e., how much they had to pay him), but that I didn't think they should profit in any signficant way on this low-quality, inept, aborted installation effort that presumably did not live up to their standard of care. They insisted on more than a 100% profit margin (i.e., remember, they initially charged me $589 after telling me certain work had been done that had not been, and I'm sure they didn't pay the tech anymore than $250 for his day's work). In so doing, they refused to recredit my account any of the $589.

    - I've been a lawyer and judge for 30 yrs, and can only advise you what I wish I'd practiced prior to contracting with them...when it comes to HD Installers, caveat emptor.

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