HD Cilliers / Any time 20gb day & 20gb night owl

1 emalahleni, ZA

I recieved my device on the 22 September 2016.
I could nay manage my date no matter what you tried and no matter what number you phoned the only message I have received is that I am on an Any time 20 Gab contract. I could not registered on the Vodacom portal.
MI have even took the device to one of your agencies and the could not even correct it for me . My first account was nearly R6500.
At the begin of this month I could start managing my account, I was surprised when I receive the invoice (R2700) what I must pay the end of the month I phoned Vodacom and they informed me it is out of Data bundle rates. At that time I still had 1.75 GB any time available and 7.25 GB night owl available. I have also set a limit. I have 4 contracts and the account must be */- R1900
I really dont know any more what to do? I am struggling to add my other numbers to Vodacom portal.
If the R2700 is been deducted from my account I am going to reverse it and pay R1900 until I get clarity regarding this matter. My big question is how must I manage my data if vodacom keep telling me on which package I am.
I have move from MTN to Vodacom but i regret it
David Cilliers

Nov 29, 2016

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