I ordered from this company last Thursday. I search the internet to get the best price on an Olympus underwater digital camera which Best Buy had on sale, but I wanted to see if i could find it cheaper. I found HDCameraworld, or should I say they found me!!! Well I still never received a call back, a camera, or anything. I held forever each time i called. They transfer you without even so much as saying please hold. I have left six message with the "general manager", who btw gave me an excellent deal after mentioning Best Buy's sale price. No call back from him. In addition everytime i call the company offers me a different price for the item I have already purchased. They overcharged my credit card even though I told them to cancel my order before it even got this far. It is much more time cosumming than it is worth. These people are a TOTAL FRAUD!! Spend a little more and go to Best Buy or Circuit City of even Walmart. They will give you a way better deal...and it will come with the battery that stupid HDcamera said theirs didn't come with.


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