HCS CompanyStay away


Just my gut feeling on this. I know, who am I to say this? but my husband got a flyer from them today and I looked it over. Checked with the BBB based on the companies name and address and found the following:

DBA: H C S Company
Other DBAs: • H C S Company
• Q Resources

Address: 5902 Monterey Road Suite 308
Los Angeles, CA 90042

This company's business is offering a work at home opportunity. The company claims that by stuffing envelopes a participant can earn $ 1, 000.00 per day.

Complainants allege they receive information on how to set up a home mailing system, rather than employment as advertised. Some customers allege that they return the materials, but the company fails to issue refunds. The company responds in some cases by providing refunds or shipping the materials.

They even have the nerve to say in their flyer that it's NOT stuffing envelopes - just a "two-step system". Don't even know how much they charge for their "opportunity" - we tore it up after finding this :)

Red flag for us was no website, no phone number and only cash, money order or check accepted.

Hope this helps someone else stay away and save their hard earned money - our search continues for legitimate work-from-home that isn't expensive to start.

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