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HCCUA / medical claims

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Over the last year, I have had a lot of trouble getting this insurance company to pay anything on my medical claims. I know that this is not a major medical insurance, but I pay $244 a month. It did not pay one cent on the emergency visit had in April. According to the contract, it was supposed to pay some. The insurance is now not paying anything on routine test at the doctor's office, it is not paying any on the doctor's co-pay. I cannot afford a major medical, but it seems that this insurance should at least pay 20%. Something needs to be done about this company.

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  • Ti
      6th of Nov, 2009
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    Sadly this is my experience as well.

    It also doesn't help that HCCUA walks and talks like a major-medical duck (disingenuous salespeople; probably on commission). Of course in the USA, regardless of what a company says, or how they present themselves, it's almost unilaterally the consumer's fault for being stupid/illiterate should they be misled. (funny how that is)

    I had a surgery for a preexisting, which I had waited a year to even have covered (in theory). The 3300 policy allows for $3750 of surgery coverage. What they don't say, of course, is that that amount is -possible- provided the hospital bills it in particular codes. So, I was only granted $650 due to this convenient term.

    HCCUA did nothing to negotiate with the hospital, they went strictly by billing stipulations. Now I'm stuck with a pile of medical bills I have no hope of possibly paying, and am looking at bankruptcy.

    So, I'm not really saying HCCUA is totally responsible, but they certainly are not on my "side." Even though they say they are 'not-for-profit, ' they sure as hell act like they are.

  • 12
      12th of Feb, 2011
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    I have been in and out of the hospital, my longest stay was in August 6th, the doctors kept me in for four days. The doctors actually wanted me to stay longer but I didn't. The hospital was wonderful, the staff was wonderful. I had great care (York Hospital). They did all sorts of tests on me, kept me hooked up to a heart monitor. I was actually bedridden. HCUAA did not pay one penny of that because they said they do not cover "observation". I really don't know why I continue with this plan, the only thing they are good for is a rotten co-pay. I pay almost $200 a month for just me. Does anyone out there have a comment on that.

  • Jm
      13th of Sep, 2012
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    Yes, drop them today! Why would you EVEN think of paying next months premiums based on your own experience? I mean, come on! I agree corporate America SHOULD be held for misleading representations but if you already know what "the rest of the story" is and continue to pay, you HAVE NO COMPLAINT!

    J. McEntire

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