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HC Processing Center / Scam and fraud!

1 203 E Emma Ave, Suite ASpringdale, AR, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-9353368

I wont go into detail regarding the poor customer service of this organization. However I will suggest that you would be better off going down to you local pub for a loan. A broken leg would be better than the harassment you will receive. This is not a reputable company and I sure would not want them representing my company.

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  • To
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    I couldn't agree more! These people are loan sharks at best. I pay all my bills on line and mistakenly paid my bill for the month before it came out. Then, later in the month get a call that my payment was past due. I freaked and sent another payment in that instant. I also figured out what happened with a member of their customer service team. Even though it showed that the payment was there, they jacked my interest rate to %26.99!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor and explained what happened. She said that she could see what happened but that the payment was still late and I would have to make 12 months of on time payments in order for my interest rate to lower. I told her that my payment was actually early, not late. My payment history shows on time payments and amounts in excess of monthly minimums. She didn't care. I asked to speak to her manager and she refused to even tell me who that would be. Said that there was no body to talk to and that they would change nothing.
    Borrower's beware!!! DO NOT BORROW FROM HCCREDIT!!!

  • Fa
      24th of Sep, 2008
    +2 Votes

    They are the rudest group of people I've ever dealt with!

  • Li
      27th of Sep, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I agree! I used this company to pay for some medical services that I received. I paid all of my bills on time for a year, and when I was down to my last bill (the one that would pay off the account), my check arrived one day late. I sent it out on time, but it didn't get there when it was supposed to have arrived. HC Processing Center charged me for interest for the entire year, and it added $1000 to my bill. Now, I'm still trying to pay things off. I tried to explain what had happened and no one would budge. Don't use this company!

  • De
      27th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I thought I was the only one getting scamed from this company not even one day late and the interest rate jumped to 26% .Not to even mention the level of harassment. Don't use this compay they are a rippoff preying on people that need medical credit. They should be put out of business.

  • St
      23rd of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I agree with you. I bought fitness equipment and returned it within my trial period. Since then I have had nothing but aggreviation. Harrassing phone calls to me and my family members stating they need a payment now. At the time I returned the item they stated all I had to pay for was installation and Icon would cover shipping now they are stating the opposite...If there is a class action lawsuit, definitely let me know.

  • La
      23rd of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    These guys have been calling my work and my cell phone non-stop for freaking $50 min on a $138 balance for shipping back a treadmill that I returned from ICON before it even got to my house!, the guy on the phone even asked me if I could borrow $50, I was like I can give you a dollar if you want but I can't do it right now. horrible horrible company!

  • Pa
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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  • Ja
      15th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Today is October 14th, 2008 Tuesday 11:48pm PST USA,
    My complaint about HCCredit/HC Processing Center is exactly the same! I purchased a Boxflex Machine back in 2006 at $2, 891.77 and paid MORE THAN THE MINIMUMS EACH MONTH WHENEVER I COULD because I wanted it paid off in alittle more than two years! It started out with minimums of $44.50 for ONE FULL YEAR then suddenly jumped to $88.50 per month!

    And in June of this year 2008 there was a weird processing error where the statement from Nautilus said the due date was a day later than the HCCredit online system. . . .this was the only payment which turned up late where I thought that it was Nautilus was the "Money Hungry ###" that did it; SORRY Nautilus. . . .Real Sorry for thinking it was you guys! I photocopied my
    Nautilus statement and sent it to HCCredit telling them I was assessed the only late fee of $39 for BOTH THEIR MISTAKES where they denied me a refund! Right after this I setup Automatic payments per month where they TURNED MY $88.50 automatic payments into $90 or $92 per month in automatic minimum monthly payments AND THE INTEREST IS STILL REDICULOUS! Yet the minimums should have stayed at $44.50 per month where I was still planning on paying more than MINIMUMS PER MONTH WHENEVER I COULD much like the rest of you!

    Aside from this, I'm glad my brother Chris bought a Nautilus Treadmill of $3K this year from you guys. . . .I was about to tell him not to buy from Nautilus. . . so it was HC Processing that was the HUNGRY ###! SORRY SO MANY TIMES. . . Nautilus!

    I think they setup to help a bunch of "hungry money families" suck free cash dollars any way they could out of all of us descent consumers! They probably made MILLIONS OFF THE HCCREDIT "money deal" . . .or SCAM!

    -Jason Paul Marshall, Sacramento, California

    HC Processing Center 10/14/2008

    Account Information:
    Account : 3611990 - Jason P. Marshall
    Address : 7790 Laramore Way
    Sacramento CA. 95832-

    Phone # : (916) 428-3898 Ext:

    Balance Information:
    *Current Balance : $1, 501.72 Account is Closed
    Credit Limit :
    **Available Credit : Click for information about your Available Credit

    APR : 21.00 %

    Account Detail Information:
    Account : 3611990 - Jason P. Marshall
    Member Since: 06/06/2006
    Last Years Interest: $231.05

    Originating Merchant: Bowflex Fitness
    Highest Balance: $2, 891.77

    Transaction History:

    Transaction Date Provider Transaction Type Transaction Amount
    2008/10/13 Payment - EFT -$90.00
    2008/09/26 * Mo Service Chg-EFT $1.50
    2008/09/26 Monthly Interest $32.41
    2008/09/12 Payment - EFT -$90.00


  • Ja
      15th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    RE: EXTRA INFO FOR BBB Complaint #19013840 HCProcessing, HelpCard, HCCredit, and CIT Bank.‏
    From: Jason Marshall ([email protected])
    Sent: Tue 10/14/08 11:58 PM
    To: [email protected]; [email protected]

    TO: [email protected]; [email protected]
    RE: EXTRA INFO FOR BBB Complaint #19013840 HCProcessing, HelpCard, HCCredit, and CIT Bank.
    COMPLAINT ACTIVITY REPORT Case # 19013840 Better Business Bureau of Arkansas, Inc

    Consumer Info: Marshall, Jason Business Info: HC Processing Center
    372 Florin Road #263 P.O. Box 829
    Sacramento, CA 95831 Springdale, AR 72765-0829
    916 428-3898 916 428-3898 800 935-3368 ext 1202
    Location Involved: (Same as above)
    Consumer's Original Complaint :
    SEE Similar Complaints about this:

    HCCredit, HCProcessing Center, Help Card, etc.

    COMPLAINT: Excessive charges, bogus late fees, and increases in minimum payments for consumers who pay AVIDLY and above the MINIMUMS.


    The minimum payments on my account #3611990-1 with HCCredit/HCProcessing/HelpCard were $42 dollars from 6/16/2006 until 7/24/2007 when they
    changed minimum payments to $88.50. This happened just before my 8/10/2007 statement announcing that

    "IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your account has been assigned to CIT Bank of Utah. Your account will be governed by the laws of the state of Utah."

    And as with the rest of the consumers, I was monitoring my progress of paying off my account using the available credit amount:

    >08/10/07 Available Credit $ 284.14 Previous Balance $ 2758.34 Credit Limit $ 3000.00 Finance Charge $ 43.52
    >THERE WAS JUST THE ONE MISTAKE ON June 3rd, 2008 WHERE THE ONLINE SYSTEM SAID Delinquent On: June 2nd, 2008 AND
    MY Nautilus Billing Statement SAID Delinquent On: June 3rd, 2008. I SENT COMPLAINT WHERE THEY HELD TO THEIR $39 DELINQUENCY
    >06/13/08 Available Credit $ 1255.44 Previous Balance $ 1787.80 Credit Limit $ 3000.00 Finance Charge $ 35.56
    >ONLINE SYSTEM SAID Account Placed on HOLD July 2, 2008
    >08/08/08 Available Credit $ 0.00 Previous Balance $ 1744.86 Credit Limit $ 3000.00 Finance Charge $ 41.53
    >ONLINE SYSTEM SAID Account was Closed on Sep 30, 2008
    Balance Information:
    *Current Balance : $1, 501.72 Account is Closed
    Credit Limit :
    **Available Credit : Click for information about your Available Credit

    But aside from this it looks like there's been no change from this new CIT Bank of Utah!

    -Jason Paul Marshall
    [email protected]

  • Ka
      14th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I used to work for this company. It is nothing other than legal loan sharking. The accounts are setup so that the customers billing cycle is something ridiculous, like between the 3rd Thursday of every month or something. Of course, the customer isn't made aware of the billing cycle, so the likliehood of missing a payment is greatly increased. Almost all accounts are promos, or promotional offers, which means you get a no interest loan for say the first 3 months to a year, but if you ever pay even one day late, or have any remaining balance at the end of your promo, you get the entire wad of interest tacked on. And the payments always had a weird way of being late at least once. I talked to people, many of them elderly people buying Craftmatic or Select Comfort beds, whos account balance would jump from 500.00 to 2500.00 in a month, just because of a payment received one day late. I am not saying HC holds onto payments until they're late, but they just bank on the idea that most folks will be late at least once. And the website payments are a joke, don't ever use their website. Archaic, convoluted, 3rd party website that is down half the time. In a nutshell, they prey on what our supervisor liked to call the 'Non Credit Savvy Customer'. If hes still there, ask for him by name. Paul Dickard - and if its any consolation, last I heard, they've gone through massive layoffs, something like 75%. Predatory, subprime lending at its best - thats the HelpCard. aka HC Processing. aka Dent-A-Med.

  • Ju
      15th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Now the hosers are spamming people's email!! that's low. and you can't reply to tell them to [censored] off! that's even lower. I hope anyone considering their services will find out how they are FIRST!
    b.t.w. you can't borrow your way out of debt.

  • Jo
      13th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I have had trouble with this company also. I bought a bowflex and paid payments through HC Processing. I had some financial trouble and was late a few times so I understood the late fees but even when I did send the payment on time they would hold the check several days to make sure it was late and again charge me a late fee. I am writing to the Fair Trade Commission to report them and suggest anyone who has a problem to do the same thing. You can get their address and phone number from Google or

  • Je
      2nd of Dec, 2008
    -1 Votes

    This is the most stupid company ever! I am not going to pay for something I don't have!! They will say you have something and you don't and give your relatives info which they got off of the interent this is a scam and beware these people will make you believe this and this is not a valaid company! This needs to be stopped! I truly think that these people think we are nuts they said my sister had a hospital bed in my name this is not true! They gave a list of address and phone numbers of my relative and said they had it I told them go get it if they did and they said no wanted me to file a police report for this and why would I waste my time on this when I don't have anything it has been over 8 years and still they bother me about it!

  • Ja
      10th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    These [email protected][email protected] are horrible. I found out that they didn't take my web payment like they have been for 1 full year so I immediately sent double the payment and made a call. The lady said she couldn't help me because my account was on hold. So I called back today and asked that the Intrest Charges be taken off and I was told she could not do that as a payment was late. So I hung up and got someone names Chris. I asked for a supervisor again and he said I am one. So I told him how I made the web payments for over 1 year now and never had a problem. I don't understand what had happened but the last months payment did not go through. I asked if anything could be done about the 500+ dollars I just got charged. He said "We are very strict on promotions and nothing can be done"

    as if our country is not in bad enough shape they don't want to work with their customers and want to put them further into debt and bad times? I wish I had known this before because I would have NEVER loaned from them.

  • Me
      6th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am now just dealing with the same thing. HC has actually
    charged me more than the Nautilus bill. Increased my interest and charged me with a late charge when I paid my payment
    early. I actually had to contact them to ask where was my
    statement/bill so that I wasn't late.
    Is there anything that I can do?
    The company rep.'s are very nasty and won't let you speak to
    a manager/superior.
    Anyone have any advise?

  • Fa
      24th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    may be our White House should know about these (AS's).

  • Je
      30th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree with every single one of these comments made against HC Processing Center. Purchasing equipment with an account opened with this company was the biggest mistake that I have ever made in my life. It is as if they set their customers up for failure. Whether it be by jacking up the interest rate, or charging erroneous late fees, they have scammed enough people already. I can only imagine what we can expect from this new bank that took over.

  • Ca
      3rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am curentaly going through the same thing they said my second payment on my bowfiexs was late even though i know it wasent and i even paid exter and they raised my payment from 34 dollors to 74 dollors this company sucks i have told everyone i know never to buy anything from bowflex/nautilus due to the company they finance through

  • Ph
      13th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have to agree with the people above. They are 100% scam artist. I used bill pay by my bank and they have documentation that it was delivered on the due date. They said we did not recieve it till 3 days later. The bank said we have proof it was delivered into your account on the due date, they did not care and Since I was on a 12 no interest and makeing 170.00 payments for 9 months on time, After 6 months they closed my account. Then realized that they were not going to make any money off of me. So they nailed me with a 39.00 late fee and over 200.00 in interest.
    I would never recommend using this company, and I hope they go Bankrupt and all the worthless people that work there loose there job and have to learn about customer service

  • Bu
      25th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    How I feel about HCProcessing is the same as everyone else. First of all, their customer representives are very nasty to the customers. I paid them (HC Processing) and they held the payment so it would be posted late. They do this so they can tack on a $39.00 late fee. Then when I paid the late fee, they now wants to add on another late fee. For what, I don't know. This is a company that seems to be scaming innocent people out their money. My advice, don't do business with HC Processing. Like the last person wrote, CROOKS!!!CROOKS!!!CROOKS!!!CROOKS!


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