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HBC Online / Nothing but a nightmare

1 1249 London RoadSarnia, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: (519) 383-8411

Sent this email of complaint after visiting the store on more than 3 separate occasions, with all necessary paperwork in hand.

I placed the first order (stated # here) on November 23, 2007 as a Christmas gift. AS of today, February 12, 2008 I am still NOT in receipt of the items that I ordered. Our local store had finally called to say that the three items had arrived, but when I went in to pick them up, the staff were unable to locate the items. I have since gone back several times and no one has been able to determine what has happened to the items, or how I would be able to go about getting my money refunded, since I no longer even want the items in question. I cannot emphasize how extremely angry I am with this whole process. Ordering online was an attempt by me to make Christmas shopping EASIER, and now, months after Christmas I not only do NOT have the items ordered, I am still out the money that I paid on my credit card almost 3 months ago. If this was an outstanding debt on my part to HBC, I highly doubt that it would have been let go for 3 months, yet here I am paying, and paying interest for close to 3 months on something that I have NEVER received. Please tell me how the $35 that I paid for the items will be refunded to me, and when that will occur. Do not suggest that I return to the store, since they do not have the items, and are incapable of taking any action to remedy the situation. In fact, if I ever go back there again, it will be TOO SOON.

In addition, my sister in law, apparently unaware that ordering online is a HUGE and COSTLY mistake, ordered a gift for me, and had it delivered to my local store. She called me to inform me that the item had come in, and I should go in and pick it up. Imagine my surprise when they could NOT locate the item. Please let me know how I should go about getting the item that she ordered, and paid for, on December 20, 2007. Again, do not suggest that I return to the store, they are UNABLE to find the item, and have no idea what to do next. On several occasions they have assured me that they will look into the situation, yet there is never any follow up, and my visits to the store are unproductive as well, since the apparently untrained and acknowledgeable staff have no idea how to proceed. This whole experience has been nothing but a nightmare, and I cannot state enough how furious I am about the waste of time, money and effort on my part.

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      23rd of Oct, 2008
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    I had a similarly negative experience recently. I bought a wedding gift for a friend back in June (their wedding was in July) through their gift registry. The payment went through, I was billed for it, but the item was never sent.

    It wasn't until 4 months later (last night) that they called to tell me that the item had never been sent. They said I gave them the wrong credit card number, and that they tried to contact me several times. Both are completely not true. I DID get billed for it, a staffer verified that they did in fact have the right credit card number on file, and she also verified that there's no evidence that anybody's tried to contact me (my cell phone call history also verifies this).

    What nerve a company must have to blatantly lie to its customers. Somebody made a mistake, and somebody should own up to it.

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      29th of Jan, 2010
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    Guess we're in the same boat!

    Dear ...,

    I am writing to you as no one else in your company has been able to help me in the slightest.

    On December 6th 2009 I purchased a 24" front loader washer an dryer from The Bay in Burnaby, Metrotown. I paid for the appliances in full and was told after I paid that I would be able to receive them on or before January 2nd 2010. At the time I thought that was a little long but did not say anything. Around January 4th, I received a call telling me that the dryer was ready for pick up and would be held for 10 days. I asked about the washer and was told it would arrive soon so I told the person that called me that I would like them to hold the dryer until the washer was ready too. A couple days later, I received the same call telling me to pick up the dryer. I asked if the washer was there yet. It was not. I received a third call from the sales agent I had originally dealt with (I believe her name was Jane); she told me that the dryer was ready and when I asked again about the washer, she said she would look into it and get back to me. She did call me back and told me she had sent off numerous e mails trying to track it down, that she appreciated my patience and that she would keep trying. After yet another call, this time it was Jane again informing me that she was still sending e mails but when I asked her directly, she had no idea what was going on. I asked her to transfer me to a manager and of course there was no manager available so instead I ended up speaking with a manager from the ladies garment department. I believe her name was Claire. She was exceptionally helpful and told me that she would get to the bottom of it. She called me back and informed me that there was some sort of computer glitch and that the order had not been processed but now was and I should receive everything in about 5-10 days. After 10 days, I called the inquiries # at 1-800-521-2364 and spoke to yet another guy but his name I cannot even spell. This was last Thursday January 21 2010. He told me that he would call the sales agent and get back to me that Saturday Jan.23 but that the washer would not be ready until Feb.17 2010. That is 10.5 weeks after I bought and paid for everything! He also said, after I had to ask him what he could do to solve the problem, that The Bay could offer me $100 in compensation. I replied that that was unacceptable as I had up to that point already spent close to $80 at the Laundromat. He replied that he would have an answer for me on the Saturday.

    Today is Friday January 29th. almost a full week after he promised to call me back. I just got off the phone with him and he told me that the reason he had not called me back is that he could not get a hold of the sales agent. I find this hard to believe. Common courtesy also dictates that he call me and let me know that he couldn't reach Jane. He has also told me that the washer would not be available until the end of the month. I told him to cancel my order and hung up regrettably telling him to [censored] off after he said 'have a nice day'.

    Now that you've been brought up to speed with the situation, I have to ask you, is this how the HBC now conducts business? I have been shopping at the Bay since I was a kid. Granted I've never bought a major appliance and probably never will again after this farce but I am really surprised at the lack of ability everyone has to help me solve this problem. The $100 I was offered, as I said barely covered my laundry expenses as I've waited. I still don't know exactly when the washer would arrive but then neither does anyone else in your company. What really gets me is that no one seems to give a rats ### about the situation. Meanwhile, I'm out somewhere around $1300.00 which as it turns out I could have used during Boxing Day sales at other companies for a better priced washer and dryer. The real kicker is that had I done this, I would have received the washer and dryer and close to a month ago.

    I really can't express my disbelief that I am expected to wait for 3 months for a product that may or may not exist and that I had to pay up front for!

    I hope to receive a reply from you but am not going to hold my breath. However, I will hold off cc'ing this letter to as many people and companies as possible for a day or two in order to give you time. Thank you for taking a moment to read this,

    Used to be a loyal customer,

    Signed and Mailed
    (I don't have the order # in front of me but it can be accessed from my phone #)

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