HBC Hotels / HBC Hotels Booking

1 SK, Canada

STAY AWAY FROM BOOKING WITH HBC HOTELS, CONNECTED TO PRICELINE.COM! They will lie to you to get you to book a room. I was told there was only 2 rooms left in the whole hotel, as it was an event weekend. Got an undesirable room for the same cost that the Hotel later gave me, from their choice of many rooms available. Tried to cancel HBC booking, as I never did get their promised email. Cancellation fee of $25 that they never told me about. Finally agreed to give all my money back. However, did not reverse charges but refunded a week later. Exchange rate gave me a loss of $24 dollars. Not only did they charge and refund hotel rate, but later charged the cancellation fee and refunded at an exchange loss to me again. I paid for their poor service and mistakes.

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