Hay & Sons Car Care Center / Car repair ripoff

My car was brought into Hay & Sons Car Care Center at 1414 Elkins Avenue in Levittown, PA 19057 on October 27th of this year and $2, 000 was paid on 10/29 toward the purchase of an engine. During all this time, the car has not been repaired, and Jeffrey Hay, one of the owners, has constantly assured me that this car would be fixed, while never fixing it.

The first reason was Hurricane Sandy which set them back in getting the engine in. The next reason was a lack of personnel to help fix the car over Thanksgiving. The last reason involved something to do about an engine mount which was not right, and Mr. Jeffrey Hay practically accused me of ordering an old engine which would not fit into my Mazda 6S, when I had nothing to do with ordering the engine he ordered in the first place, but, in fact, he ordered it and assured me along with Donna, the receptionist, that this would fit into my car last Friday and that the car would be ready today. It was not.

Jeffrey blamed the engine, myself, an oil pressure switch which I had never heard of before and told me when I called him around 1:30 that the car, again, would be fixed within 30-40 minutes if this part worked. It apparently did not, and Jeffrey, once again, failed to call me back. When I called his office at [protected] and asked to speak with Jeffrey, I was told he had a doctor’s appointment and was not available. Very suspicious!

I would like this company, Hay & Son’s Car Care Center at the above address in Levittown, PA, investigated at once as I believe I have been lied to repeatedly and treated in an unprofessional and untruthful manner for almost a month. I still do not have my car and I have paid $2, 000 to have it fixed and I still do not have it in my possession. Jeffrey Hay even told me to come and pick it up if I did not trust him which I, indeed, do not.

Please look into this manner and help me get by completely fixed car back from Hay & Sons. Thank you very much. Michael L. Darr-[protected] or [protected]

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